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In our club match play doubles competition one of the players has left the club with them in the quarter finals . Just wondered does anyone no the ruling on the continuation of the match . No shots have yet been played in this match . 

My understanding is either

1. The team forfeits the match 

2 . The remaining player must play the match on his own 


thanks in advance . 

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Surely it would depend on whether the club rules or conditions of competition specifies the membership status of competitors.

My Club rules uses the words Member or Members in relation to all competitions. Conditions of Competition refer to Players.

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If one player has left then I doubt anybody would be happy with that player continuing in the competition, whether the 2nd player can continue will depend on the format and possibly club rules too (although most club rules are to ensure the players are still members, rather than one player leaving).


If the format is betterball then the single player could continue (obviously with handicaps determined exactly the same way as if the missing player was still playing) , if the format is foursomes (or greensomes) then bad luck the player can't continue to play on their own. 

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