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    • With a nod to  Having just come out of a 15 - 20 year golf retirement I'm astonished to find how technology within the game has developed. I was last playing when metal woods were in vogue and peripheral weighted was the golfing panacea.  Apart from clubs, balls have moved on a bit to and I thought I'd better check out some of these new cheap distance balls, given that I can still wreck a round by flying balls into deep undergrowth and lakes (distance balls go a long way in haha). So I've had a go at Wilson Smartcore, Srixon soft feel and Pinnacle gold having read up on what's around on the net and what I could get cheap Wilsons seemed to go tolerably well off the tee but hitting a superb recovery shot onto the green they'd run for miles and go off the other side. I don't think Srixon's were far behind them but I do seem to get a better result with Pinnacles. The problem with Pinnacles is they really accentuate my poor tee shots (usually a slice), as do the Srixon's but to a lesser degree. I'm playing on short pay-to-play courses that are economically watered in these incredibly dry conditions at the moment. Consequently greens are pretty hard. Yesterday I nipped to my local and did a bit of putting and chipping. The Wilson is a bit clunky while the Pinnacle has a much softer feel but the Wilson also seems to take much less borrow than the others. Chipping all three over short distances seemed to produce fairly similar results, the Wilson might run a foot more than the Srixon which might run a foot more than the Pinnacle. Over half a dozen or so rounds I've got my score down from 111 to 91 so I'm obviously getting a bit more control but the challenges I might still face are to hit a Pinnacle off the tee but control my swing better or try to hit more than 2 out of 16 greens and use a Wilson and one club shorter to allow for more run. Either way it comes back to a proper controlled golf swing which I can't quite get my head round yet However, I'm still experimenting and improving so I'll keep using these balls until I have a prospect of keeping a single ball for a full round at which time I might go upmarket So, so far, Wilson's off the tee, Pinnacles around the green. Would have expected Srixon's to be better but maybe they'll be the better choice when I can play a bit better. Of course, there's no science here, just feel  haha
    • Thanks for the comment. Does it use the charger that came with the trolley or do you need a different charger? 
    • For 36 holes with a lead acid battery you should be looking for 33ah or more. My battery is 33ah pro rider. I bought it on ebay for £44 and it does 36 holes on a hilly course with plenty of power to spare.
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