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    • I started playing golf last Aug/Sept..  And was hooked immediately, I joined a local club, and during the last year I have had very little social interaction, when I asked about getting involved in a Midweek Stableford, I was told just to find a partner. I asked how to do this within the club, the response..  Just find one Last night, was the nail in the coffin as far as the club is concerned..  I organised a social event, 10 players, 9 holes at the club on the phone, previously, my visitors have paid £10 for 9 twilight holes in the pro shop, when I phoned up and spoke to the receptionist, she told me it should be £15, when i explained that normally my guests have been paying £10, she said ok, but in future it would have to be £15..  Fair enough, not a problem... So we get to the club, the owner came out and asked to have a quick chat, and promptly told me that she was surprised at me bring so many guests (even though I had called and verified everything, booked tee's etc), and that the guests must pay £15 a head, AND that I have to go in today to discuss my membership, which for some obscure reason said she is considering suspending !!! Needless to say, I was quite flabbergasted at this, and whilst I can't say I didn't argue, I did make it clear that I was not happy and that had verified the cost, at which point she said, "it is your fault that I now will be sacking the receptionist and probably the Assistant pro for allowing guests on the course for £10"..  Put quite a dampener on the evening to say the least. luckily my guests were ok with the extra fee...

      I'm wondering, is this kind of behavior normal for a golf club ??

      Oh, there was also the incident at the beginning, where after 5 months, I was called in because (in their words) "our admin department messed up and we have not processed your direct debit form, you now owe us £xxx which we would like to you pay immediately"   ..  Maybe I'm at fault a bit as I didn't check to ensure that the money was being taken, I refused to cough up straight away, and promised to pay by the outstanding balance by the end of my membership year..    
    • I've done the opposite and joined a club so I can play more, play when I want and play what I want ie 5 holes, 9 holes, full 18 etc
    • I have been a member of a golf club for well over 20 years now but for the first time ever I am considering next year trying a year without membership and just paying and playing to see how it goes....choices choices.....
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