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event / comp score tracker no filling option ?

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Gday all the latest scorecard via the web doesn't except a comp / event entry on chrome or firefox. is it me or does it need fixing?? 

many thanks 


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Sorry my fault !

Previous version worked like this:

Comp/event box: this was empty and if you were registered for an event on Golfshake you could select one of those events

Notes/comments: to the right of this box was the comment box which allowed 50 characters only

Issues with previous version:

  1. Comments was only 50 characters
  2. Comments obviously appeared to be the events/comp box :)

New version:

I've moved a few things around to free up space and move up the score entry along with the cool stuff like showing hole strokes, auto calc of stabledford points etc.  So now:

Comp/event box: this is now were the old notes was but only works as mentioned above

Notes/comments: this appears under the front 9 score entry and now allows 250 characters

Improvements with new version:

  1. Notes/comments now allow you to enter more
  2. Notes/comments actually show on round view pages

All make sense ? I'll try and tweak to make clearer, more info on updates here:





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