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Double overlap grip change for chipping

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My nemesis has been chipping and pitching or I'd actually call it more digging. I've tried pretty much everything to make it work.

But for some reason i folded over my ring finger and wow it pretty much gave me confidence right away :D and 2 heavy sessions later i feel it's nearly there, not fixed but cured! Which for a yipper is awesome news :-) 

Bring on Ramsdale 2moro proper test 

First 70s of the year 2moro 

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2 months in practice twice a week on this only and its here to stay ! 

Honestly if your struggling with nerves and grip pressure on the short chips it really helps :-) I use it for wedges from 80yrds in but revert to standard grip for every other full shot, its help with my strike and iron distance also as feel my hands work better and more controlled 


Anyone tried it? 

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