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Markers responsibility

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I have a question regards marking cards and what infact the marker is supposed to be doing. This is more to do with ofical competitions rather than social knocks etc.

Often there are disputes between playing partners regarding rules. Often the person marking your card may believe you havemade an infringment and want to penaile you. Most of the time people seem to accpet this and let them do it as they are marking your card.

If they are marking your card are they not supposed to put down what you say your score is, regardelss of there opinion. If they beilive you have made an inffringement thay can then bring it up with the relevant person following the round, and if they are correct you are then DQ'd for signing an incorrect card.

If you do accept there decicion and then find out you were correct, you have then once again signed an incorrect card and should be DQ'd. 

Am I over simplyfying this, your opponent is not there to referee you are they? Are they simply just marking your card? Or is there more to it than that?

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Markers are not referees, so cannot make decisions.

If the marker does not agree with the player's score he should not sign the card until the committee have made a decision. Nor should the player should not try and return his card.

If the player returns his card unsigned without reference to the committee he is DQd. 

If the marker refuses to sign the card Decision 6-6a/4 applies

6-6a/4 Marker Refuses to Sign Competitor's Card After Dispute Resolved in Favour of Competitor

Q.In stroke play, B, who was A's fellow-competitor and marker, refused to sign A's score card on the grounds that A had played outside the teeing ground at the 15th hole. A claimed that he played from within the teeing ground. The Committee decided in favor of A. Despite the Committee's decision, B continued to refuse to sign A's card. Should B be penalized?

A.No. A marker is not obliged to sign a card he believes to be incorrect, notwithstanding the determination of the Committee. However, the marker must report the facts and authenticate those scores which he considers correct.

The Committee should accept certification of A's score at the 15th hole by anyone else who witnessed the play of the hole. If no witness is available, the Committee should accept A's score without certification.


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