Handicap adjustment wrong ?

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Hi, my current Golfshake handicap on the app is 27.4.

I recently posted a round of 93 at a par 69 course (24 over par). I may be wrong but as I was 3 shots below my handicap shouldn't I have been cut (0.4 x 3 shots) 1.2.

I was only cut by 0.4 down from 27.4 to 27.

Can anyone help or explain as I was expecting it to cut my handicap by more than just 0.4.

many thanks


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Hi Lee

The cut is based on the SSS (standard scratch score) of the course, not the par. This can be higher or lower than the par and is the score a scratch (0 handicap) player would be expected to score on the course.  If you check the card for the course it will tell you the SSS next to the par

I suspect the SSS for the course is 67. This would mean you shot only 1 below your handicap against the SSS and hence only the 0.4 cut

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