Golf partner wanted, Epsom area

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Did not play for about 2 years and need to find new partner/s now, preferred courses are Oaks, Carshalton and Horton Park, but also willing to travel within a reasonable distance. Weekends only, preferred Sat morning, even very early morning.


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Hi Uwe,

From the courses you mention Horton Park would be easiest for me to get to from Weybridge. We have some pay and play courses over here as well.  I would like to play as early as possible either Sat or Sun. I've been investigating cubs round here that have active roll ups at the weekend if you are interested.  Ping me your contact details via the sites messaging tool if you want to chat about sorting out a round.




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Early Sat Horton Park would be perfect for me. Not sure when one could start but bookings are available from 7:36, so I guess the shop opens around 7:30. An option would be there around 7 or so and see what the earliest to be able to go out. Wouldn't be too nice to be a 2ball behind a couple of 4balls.

I'm on Skype as ukolsch




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