Double hitting the ball

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When I make my swing and hit the golf ball sometimes the ball will pop up and hit my clubface again.

Now, I have always added one extra shot to my score.

The reason for this, is that I was under the impression that as I have made a stroke at the ball it counts as though I've made an extra swing at the golf ball.

When I was in Portugal earlier this year on the Golfshake tour a couple of my playing partners said they had been told it was a two shot penalty for double hitting the ball.

Now, I am certain that I am correct in it only being a one shot penalty, am I correct or not?




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See Rule 14-4. If a player’s club strikes the ball more than once in the course of a stroke, the player must count the stroke and add a penalty stroke, making two strokes in all. 




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This is where you can get into deep discussions with fellow Rules Experts.

The words included within the Rules are important and why some appear in blue and underlined.

Here Rule 14 - 4 is titled "Striking the Ball More than Once" so it means a one stroke penalty even if you hit the ball three times, so not titled "Double Hit".



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