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      Important Golfshake Handicap updates   18/04/18

      Just in case you missed it earlier this year but several key updates went live on the Golfshake site specifically around the golf handicap system for individual and society golfers.  The system now allows max handicaps of 54 for all.  More information available here: https://www.golfshake.com/news/view/12117/Golfshake_Updates_Handicap_to_54_Society_Event_Scoring.html Additionally for information on how to get a golf handicap check out: https://www.golfshake.com/golfhandicap/
    • darrenram

      2018 Golfshake Updates - Improve Your Game   18/04/18

      Lots of updates have gone live early in 2018 focused around improving the score tracking service we provide, improved golf stat tracking and analysis, shot tendency and updates to improve the data we provide you around benchmakring your game and providing insights into your strengths and weaknesses.     For more information on all the updates to Golfshake visit: https://www.golfshake.com/news/tag/golfshake/  

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Found 38 results

  1. We (Harlow Hill Golf Society) are a relatively new (2 years old) golf society, predominantly based out of North/West Yorkshire, however, we do have a couple of members based in Scotland and the Midlands. We originally set up as a group of friends, following retirement from an amateur football team, Harlow Hill FC in Harrogate. The natural order of things took place and we now try to find our successes, failures, delights and frustrations on the Golf course as opposed to the football field. We have had 14 members in our first 2 years but are looking to build on this and are keen to recruit anyone looking to play some semi regular golf within a society outside of a club environment. We have a good range of golfers, mainly at the higher end of the scale, ranging from 16 through to 28 and a couple still learning. We try to promote fairly regular games/matches with cup competitions and aim for 2 trips a year, either domestically or abroad. Any interest please let me know and I'd happy to share more info. Thanks Steve
  2. Game Norfolk - Last min ..

    Hi All I thought I would give this a try I know this is last min , I am Norfolk 30 , 31 December or 01st January - looking for a game - I play off 15 - 18 Hope to see you soon Andy
  3. Copsewood Grange (Coventry)

    Just had a fantastic morning out at Copsewood Grange Golf Club, this was organised for me by Rob Nutt (thanks very much).. I've been "clubless" for a few months and have been using Ardencote as somewhere to have some quiet rounds and keep myself moving, as mentioned Rob organised for me to take part in the "Sunday Swindle"... Got to say, I had a fantastic time, the members were really friendly and welcoming, I was made to feel at home and totally at ease.. The course, for me, I loved it, bearing in mind we've had some miserable weather, and the course is built on a flood plane, I found it to be amazingly dry, yes, a few GUR areas, but nothing that affected the game too much. Lot's of nice tight tree lined holes, and a great Par 5, with an S shape ! From what I understand, a lot of the course upkeep is by volunteers, which goes to show how loved this place is that people will happily give up their time to help out. This dedication does show though, it really is a nice place, and I thoroughly recommend going there for a round ... To top off my day, I closed the card with 35 points (13/22) !! Thanks again Rob.
  4. Hi, I'm trying to find a golf partner (or two) to play a round once or twice a month on a weekend. I'm in Stoke Newington and would like to play North East London, within the M25, although happy to travel further if needed. Thanks Patrick
  5. Handicap Question

    So I'm 19 and been playing golf years but only recently through the app I've got a handicap. It's currently 13 but coming down quite quickly. I'm looking at entering a few local amateur tournaments and was wondering if my handicap certificate through golf shake is enough to enter or if it would have to be an official certificate through being a member of a club? Also on the applications it asks what club I'm a member at. Cheers Tom
  6. Guys I've started a new Golf Society in North London playing three different courses. Looking for people to join us for some regular golf. Get in touch if you're an active golfer keen to play with a group
  7. Dear Golfers. I want to make you know that we already have a permission to post here. The idea was appreciated and we are happy to finally invite you and your friends. The Like-Minded Golfers’ Community is a platform which is free. All you have to do is just register yourself and find a perfect partner.How? Just pick a Topic that intrigues you on Golfers' Match so you will be matched upon that common interest. Is it Business? Ecology? Politics or maybe recent Game of Thrones episodes?Just takes two minutes and you will golf as you always wanted to: with like minded people! We just started, we have couple golf courses that might interest you and we will keep adding the new ones around London. If you are interested in creating a new topic group feel free to ask us about free premium membership trial (no credit card required). It is really important for us to have you on board, at this stage where are we now - you are a major factor! More info here: https://www.golfersmatch.co.uk/
  8. Golf courses in Sydney

    So guys! What is your favorite golf course in Sydney? I have been to a couple in the Northern Beaches area, so far the long reef gc is my favorite. I am looking to change things up a bit. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Hope you hit me with new and awesome ideas!
  9. Newbie from Sydney

    Hiya all! Greetings from Sydney! Looking forward to meeting all of you. Well, not all but.. you know what I mean! Cheers!
  10. Did adidas stop making Asym boost shoes. I was impressed with the technology but I can't find any in the latest products. So, the question is, have they changed the name to something else or did they realised the technology doesn't work?
  11. My Golfing Review 2016

    I have been lucky enough to play some amazing golf courses this year with some equally amazing people so thought id share some of my highlights.
  12. Caddy experience

    Anyone seen/considered giving something like this a go?? https://www.tourcaddyexperience.co.uk
  13. Winter Golf

    Just wondered who packs up for winter and who carries on? We have a great winter league at Colne Valley which is pairs over 8 different rounds - Scramble, 3 clubs, ect into a league then the top 16 team go into KO rounds. Its really fun and mixes it up and have been getting a great turnout this year and make playing in the cold, windy and wet a bit of fun!
  14. Christmas is coming!!

    Afternoon All. Just over a week away until Christmas starts to kick in now. I see a lot of post about 'Must have xmas gifts' 'Stocking Fillers' and 'Rubbish golfers gifts' which are all enjoyable and funny as I have received some awful gift over the years (Last year my sister got me some of those golf ball finder glasses.......) So I'm asking 3 questions to everyone. 1. Best Xmas Gift and why 2. Worst Xmas gift 3. What's on the list this year? Here are my answers 1. Best gift was a Callaway stand bag last year - Not an extra ordinary gift but was chosen by my lady who knows nothing about golf and as a complete surprise she got it spot on. 2. As above - Those glasses were terrible. 3. This year I am getting an Etiquis golf watch which looks lovely!
  15. I have recently started playing golf with my son who has a full time job and doesn't want to play golf in the winter. I don't really know anyone else who plays in my area. I am therefore looking for a novice like myself. I can play in the week but not at weekends. Peter
  16. 4 bedroom house for sale, with south backing garden and personal gate leading directly onto Boyce Hill golf course in South Benfleet Essex Wonderful views and a large plot. Walking distance to the station, 45mins to London. contact me if you are interested or know of someone that wants to fall out of bed and play golf. no timewasters please.
  17. New Wedges

    So I was just wondering how often people change their wedges? I've only ever owned 2 sets of wedges in 6 years and I only replaced the original wedges because I wanted to change lofts to bridge a gap between other clubs.
  18. Ryder Cup Thread

    Ok, so just over 2 weeks to go until the Ryder Cup, I'm silly excited, It doesn't get better in golf when match play of this standard comes along with so much up for grabs. So just thought Id start a general thread so anyone that also loves the Ryder Cup. So what do you think of the captains picks for both teams? What do you think the eventual outcome will be? Anyone not that interested?
  19. Open events

    Keen to find out who plays on any of the "amateur golf tours" and what their experience of them has been like?
  20. Just moved to Suffolk!

    Hi, i recently moved to felixstowe and have no friends! I'm not a member of any particular club so I can play at any clubs within the area. Not the best but I am always improving and looking to have fun whilst improving on my game. Also interested in driving range sessions and long stints on a putting green. message me if your interested in joining me!
  21. I have been playing on and off for around 12 years, since i was 18. My struggle is finding a consistent playing partner, so I keep having to stop which is really hampering my progress. I would be looking for someone based in Leicestershire, preferably near Hinckley LE10, to play once a week Saturday or Sunday. I am not a slow golfer but I am looking to improve, I would be willing to play with any ability golfer as we could hopefully help each other.
  22. I am selling a ticket for 4 people to play a full round of golf at Petersfield Fourball corse worth £200 for £80. Ticket is for a weekend and booking is required. Ticket expired May 2017. in Fratton Portsmouth. Picture can be provided.
  23. Virtual Golf near L'Derry

    North West Virtual Golf, Ballyore Retail Park, Newbuildings, County L'Derry, Northern Ireland. The ultimate indoor golfing experience. Play some of the greatest world courses on the simulator without ever leaving the country. Maybe you want to improve your game or spend some time on the driving range. Booking is essential so please contact us and start your virtual golfing experience - check out their website http://www.northwestvirtualgolf.com/
  24. 33 on a 9-hole Par 3 course

    Hi all, I started playing golf properly in September 2015, although I'd played on a small pitch and putt many times in the past. Due to time/cost and geography, I currently only play on 9-hole par-3 pitch & putts or PlayGolf London in Northwick Park (an executive golf course, Par 29, two par 4s and rest par 3s). My best on Northwick Park is a 48 over nine holes. However, Harrow on the Hill Pitch & Putt, I've gone round 18 holes in 70 (+16) and did the back nine in 33 (+6). Naturally, I was delighted with the latter and my score gets lower every week. Before that, I got a +9 on the back nine and genuinely feel like I can get a birdie or par on every hole. I'm aware every course is different and also aware opinions generally shouldn't affect anyone's game! That said, I've read a lot from golfers/on the internet questioning short par-3 courses or dismissing them as something just to practice your chipping on. So I was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on short par 3 9-hole courses? I'm aware my long game lags far behind and, due to my driving and the cost of a membership fee, I wouldn't even attempt a long course right now. I would be delighted to see myself as a short-game specialist and ultimately secure an even par or below par round on a 9-hole par 3 course (or even over 18 holes on that course). But would that be considered a good achievement or would most golfers frown upon this as something only beginners would be interested in? Appreciate any feedback!
  25. Funny Golf YouTube Videos

    Evening All I have started to dabble in some on course filming. I know there is a fair few Pro's who already do this type of thing but I get bored of watching them shoot level par everywhere they go and thought people might want to watch something they can relate too. Well here are my first 2 videos..... and Let me know what you think and please feel free to subscribe.