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Found 1 result

  1. Just a quick one. Had a free lesson the other day as a Guinea pig student at a PGA exam practical on a driving range. To help with my slice (it's not that bad really), the candidate made me put the ball further back than usual. Actually 1 to 2 inches right of centre, depending on the club, from an eye position, as I perceived it. Apparently, because we are supposed to put the head behind the hands (irons) with the hands inside the left thigh (right handed), it creates a " optical illusion" that the ball is further back than it really is. So often its too far forward, which doesn't work and encourages a slice. Also, if your going to have an error it's better to have the ball too far back at the address than too far forward. First time I'd ever heard of this "optical illusion". Furthermore, because the clubhead is now further back it will open, so one has to close it to make it look "square" at the address, which further helps to reduce slicing... and you are "hitting down" more on the ball. During and since this dummy lesson my slice occurs much less often, I now tend to take more of a divot, and my ball flight is flatter and further and dropping, and closer to my unskillfull amateur iron distance pocket chart. I stuck at it though, because it feels strange for a long, long time. I only recommend this if anyone has a [email protected]@e recurring slice. Doesn't help with the driver. If the ball looks like it's in the middle it probably isn't, so he said.