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  1. Rob Laidlaw

    Perfect Golf Ball

    Is this to play with or just practice? If just practice, then I would say a box of cheap lake balls will do as you will not be so worried about losing them or someone else picking them up by mistake. If to play with I think you need to try as many different balls as you can and see which you get on best with.
  2. Rob Laidlaw

    Maximum hanicap in competitions

    Shows how long ago I last played, maximum handicap was 28/36 and even then you came across your fair share of bandits, having a HC of up to 56 is just mental in my opinion, how could a player like myself who practiced to get their club handicap down to 11 and society down to 6 ever compete with such high handicappers. Personally If I had the chance to enter a competition with a handicap limit lower than my own, (bearing in mind I've not played for 16 years and expect no more then a 28 hc) I would either not bother or enter for the experience alone, as I think playing with better players helps improve your own game too.
  3. Rob Laidlaw

    Get Fitted Yes or No

    I have just been fitted for a set of clubs, and to be honest I was amazed at how much difference subtle changes make, a little tweek here and there make all the difference. I found that steel shafts do not suit me although I'd probably learn to adjust and the head 1 degree flat enables me to hit the ball so much better, in the end the figures do not lie, you can see in numbers what works and what doesn't and go from there, personally I would not buy a set of clubs without them being fitted.
  4. Rob Laidlaw

    New (to me) clubs

    I am a firm believer that having not only a set of decent clubs, but fitted to you can make all the difference in golf, I started playing with a set of Hippo's and my mates used to give me stick over how long a round would take, I got fitted for a set of Taylor Made Burner Bubbles and went from never hitting a golf ball in my life to an 11hc within a year, I used to give them one shot per hole and still beat them, they did not think it was so funny then. Having not played for 16 years I have just been fitted for a set of Taylor Made M6 irons and woods to get me back into golf and am looking forward to getting my handicap back down to where it was if not better. So yes, decent clubs inspire confidence.
  5. Rob Laidlaw

    Basic hybrid questions

    To be honest I was hoping someone would have posted an answer to this question because Hybrids confuse the hell of of me too. I am just getting back into golf after 16 years or so and used to have a Driver 3&5 woods, 3 to 9 irons and 3 wedges. Now I can only buy from a 4 iron to sand wedge, driver and 3 wood, don't people hit long irons any more?
  6. Rob Laidlaw

    Powakaddy Premium golf bag.

    I have the Dri edition Powakaddy bag and don't have a problem with my Odyssey 2ball putter, the size of the head keeps it from falling into the putter slot.
  7. Rob Laidlaw

    New member from Southampton

    Hi all, I am Rob from Southampton, I have not played golf for about 16 years or so, I was an 11hc at my last club (Romsey), my old society made me play off 6 which was a bit harsh but stopped me winning anything, looking to get back into it again and have just joined Boundry Lakes club and will be looking for people to play with ,once my clubs arrive from Taylor Made. I had a stroke in 2014 so need to get out for the exercise, but it's like starting all over again, I seem to have lost loads of distance and my swing speed has dropped from 85mph to 58mph so it's going to be a steep learning curve to get back to where I was, but I will get there I am sure. Hope to hear from some locals soon. Rob.