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  1. Hi all. Beginner here with some very basic questions (and I can't find a forum specifically for beginners).. I tried to play golf 30-odd years ago and gave up because I missed the ball too much. Now I have access to a driving range so can hit to my heart’s content and I want to try again. Back then there were irons and woods only but now they have these things called hybrids. I’m not sure exactly what they are and how they’re used. 1) Are they direct replacements for irons? 2) Are they directly correlated number wise? So a 1 hybrid replaces the 1 iron, a 2 hybrid the 2 iron, etc.? 3) Are they hit the same as irons, on the ‘down stroke’? 4) What’s the difference in play and construction between the hybrids and the 2-5 woods? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but non-technical answers would be greatly appreciated :-)