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  1. Charity Golf Events 2018

    Be good to welcome some new faces. The breakfast starts at 930, with tee off at 11.00, if we get enough entering we may be having a shotgun start. I would guess the fourballs will be decided durng breakfast, but that's up to the organiser, I'm just his helper
  2. Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Can't see a problem with that
  3. New handicap

    course fully open today, but not many in the area was. hit the ball better this morning, still not scoring enough, 4 bad tee shots cost although my putting went astray halfay round. work in progress
  4. Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Chris, I have registered on the link provided, I'll be bringing the same chap as last year, Thanks
  5. New handicap

    After the annual revies I have gone up tp 19, thats 4 shots added due to reviews, I might be able to score double points now in stableford for both front and back nine, somethng I have been struggling with
  6. Golfshake.Com European Tour Fantasy League 2018

    I'm in and ready to support the rest of the league
  7. Charity Golf Events 2018

    Golf day on April 22nd, in aid of Breast Cancer Research. The organiser has previously held successful golf days raising in excess of £20k over the years. Copsewood Grange is this years venue, £30 gets you Full English Breakfast with unlimited tea/coffee 18 holes of golf over the par 70 course, with pie and chips to finish.
  8. New handicap

    handicaps are rounded either up or down for playing purposes you will play off 24 until your actual handicap, (i) goes down to 23.4, then you play off 23 or (ii) goes up to 24.5 then you play off 25
  9. Happy New Year

    Wishing all golf shakers a HNY, hoping to see some of you next year on the course
  10. Worst Winter Weather You've Played Golf In

    went out for a game one weekend, it was cold, very cold. starting snowing as we left the first green, and was settling by the time we got to the scond green, it was silly, rang the pro shop and was told, 'the course is open'
  11. Get Fitted Yes or No

    Si, You may be able to get your current clubs adjusted, cheaper option,
  12. Golf Objectives for 2018

    excuse me..... Masterscoreboard cares to differ, unless your'e takling about the fiddle on Sunday's..... In that case your wish is granted, you can play off 18 next week
  13. Volvik Balls

    Simon. save your money, when your next at copsewood have a word with either stan or bill, they may let you try one of their volviks, if not i'll grab one out of stans bag whilst he's fishing his ball out the river on second thoughts, you could always go in the river to get it , save me a criminal record
  14. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Welcome back Dave, where you playing then? gis a clue.
  15. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    although we offer deals each year to attract new members, i have yet to hear any discontent from the membership. our green fees change regularly, in the height of summer the cost is £12/£16 for 9 holes /18 holes, during autumn the price drops to £10/£15 and during the winter we only charge £8/£13, this is due to being on a flood plain, so even when open the course may not be at it's best during the wet season. i play my home course at least 70 times a year, so even at the reduced rate it's cheaper to pay £480 for a seven day membership. only a few years ago my yearly fees were £525, i'm now paying £1 a week less than I was, the policy of the club is to 'make membership pay' visitors fees have been removed so, any golfer who plays 18 holes of golf a week would benefit from being a member