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  1. End of Season REVIEW

    SO... with the golf season nearly over how did you fair. for me my handicap moved significantly in the wrong direction, met some new golfers and played some good quality courses for bargain green fees. Over to you
  2. Newbie

    Hi Ryan, I'm a member at the Grange, if you fancy a game (preferbly Sunday) let me know
  3. North vs South - golf only spot available

    sorry, my parents have got me theatre tickets to a show in Hunstanton, so a weekend with no golf
  4. Week35 how many away days this YTD ?

    too many to count, not promising too much but I hit the ball much better today, 15/19 for 34 points. looking forward to contributing towards the team score on Friday
  5. what can I say, felt confident with my game and really looking forward to the day, then proceeded to hack the ball round, not pretty, a few decent hits, one from a bunker to 8 ft and a chip and run to 6 inches, but not much else. great company once again and always nice to take the honours from your playing partners.
  6. agreed, great company, finishing top half of the results table, will try again next year if possible #tomorrowisadifferentday
  7. Drayton Park today, played some good stuff. it's slowly coming together. Oxley will be a new course for me but as always the website prints a pretty picture. I've played Walsall a few times, never very well, but that's down to me and not the course. Regardless of my golf I'll be in good company with my playing partner for the weekend ^^^^
  8. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    up and down to start with a road running through the course, quite flat with not much water, but a great finishing hole that sweeps to the left about 120* with OOB all down the left, so risk and reward for the big hitters that are brave enough. only an hours drive and £20 it's worth another visit
  9. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Great breakfast after an easy journey up the M6, scrambled egg on toast with beans washed down with fresh coffee, AM-AM format with best two to count except on selected holes where 3 scores counted and all 4 on the last, played poorly the team came in with 80 points. enjoyed the course enough to give it another go next year
  10. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    just got in, 31 points with 4 N/R so another 0.1 to the handicap, putting was poor had at least 4 skirt the hole, two birdies one was a chip in, Shifnal GC tomorrow for the captains charity day,
  11. Whoops !!!

    "If a competitor makes a stroke or strokes at a wrong ball, he incurs a penalty of two strokes. The competitor must correct his mistake by playing the correct ball or by proceeding under the Rules. If he fails to correct his mistake before making a stroke on the next teeing ground or, in the case of the last hole of the round, fails to declare his intention to correct his mistake before leaving the putting green, he is disqualified. Strokes made by a competitor with a wrong ball do not count in his score. If the wrong ball belongs to another competitor, its owner must place a ball on the spot from which the wrong ball was first played."
  12. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    it wasn't pretty, started the fourth round 1 point in the lead, finished second 15 points behind the leader have been to the club, there are spaces so if I wake up feeling lucky I'll give it a go
  13. Nobody playing golf anymore?? Week 33

    Shifnal for a charity day on Sunday, not sure if I can be bothered to play Saturday, will probably make a decision on the day and go down the club to see if there are any spaces
  14. Weeks flying bye no 32

    I had one good hole, 3w 6i and missed a 6ft put for birdie, popped into the pro shop to get a coffee after the 9th, and 47 points was leading' 4 rounds at Gainsborough from tomorrow til Tuesday,
  15. got to the first tee, it was raining, the scratch ladies were walking in due to lightening, it wasn't much so off we went, by the 4th the ladies were back on the course, super condition the greens about 10 on the stimp, finished the 18th with 16 points,