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  1. watching a quiz show earlier, and the question was.... which excuse is most widely used for men who are cheating on their partners? the team debated the question and thought the answer was working late, the top two actual reasons were.... going to the pub in second and playing golf which topped the list So, I have been banned by the wife.
  2. there has already been near misses reported, Anyway, more importantly How are Amazon going to deliver my new king size bed with their drone delivery service,
  3. Can I guess who with? Are you not doing Sunningdale on Thursday?
  4. played lots of golf, or rather did a lot of walking. really struggling atm, i'll work through it and hopefully put a decent round together next weekend
  5. bought a 4ball voucher in aid of Help 4 Heroes, and the time has come to use it,
  6. Heacham Manor on Mpnday L 7&5 Kings Lynn om Wednesday L 2&1 KL was in great condition, played just two days after an AM-AM, very heavy rain during the previous night yet my shoes stayed dry, Off to give Coventry GC a go tomorrow (Friday), Then stableford event at my home course on Saturday, and if that goes OK I may go out Sunday morning too
  7. OK, I have had a word from our handicap secretary and it appears I'm getting a review, as from Monday I will be off 16, a +2 difference from today's starting figure. And to round the day off I messed up the last to take me out of buffer zone
  8. It's always someone else's fault....
  9. was having a break this week, but just in from work and got a phone call, so 6pm I'm off for a quick 9 holes. Home course on Saturday and Sunday before a few days in Norfolk, and yes, the golf clubs are going with me
  10. 35 points is all I could muster with my partner during the Society Organisers day at Melton Mowbray. Overslept, so always a rush then too busy natterubg in the car to pre=order breakfast. Too bad, ordred on arrival and smashed it, only to be faced with a long walk to or first tee, Some really good tee shots but the second shot didn't always work, The flatsick was cold all day and the other pairing in my fourball amassed 43 pts and took 3rd place on the day. No golf until the weekend unless the Brother-in -law calls and we go out Thursday evening
  11. Once again the golf let me down Two great courses, complete opposites too IMO, One very much heathland and the other parkland, both giving the handicap golfer plenty to ponder whilst standing over the ball. Ably assisted by Jo, Chris once again made the day run like clockwork. Thanks to my PP for the day Shaun and Mark, Congratulations to the winners and thanks to my pal Ian for driving
  12. great courses, very well organised but my god, I was awful. Going through a few slight changes to my set up after a lesson last week, when it's working it's great so going to persevere.
  13. Wishing everyone a safe journey. If you forget anything tomorrow I hope it's your swing, Darren has donated some great prizes, and I would be more than happy to take some home with me
  14. Well, that didn't go as planned. Comfortable drive up the M6 with no traffic, and warmly welcomed at the course by Ricey155 and our fellow playing partner Steve. Signed in, grabbed a bottle of water and a banana, changed my shoes and i'm 'up for it', or so I thought. Pleasantries exchanged with the starter and woosh!! great 3w down the fairway 120 yards to go and oops a daisy, not much else went right. Ricey started of poorly but on the homeward 9 he played some exceptional golf, I think 1 over for the last 6 holes. Steve played steady but a couple of poor shits cost him dear, Back down the M6 for a free on-course lesson, only 3 holes but hit the ball really well +1 for the three. Must try and put what I learned today into practice. Next game is the Minchampton 36 on Friday, i I can break 100 on either 18 I will have seen massive improvement.
  15. played in the medal today and it wasn't pretty, used all my h/c on the front nine, lost a few balls to make it even more miserable. Thanks to Ricey155, I have been able to get a slot at Walmley GC tomorrow in ta medal Open, having looked at the course overview I had better pack an extra box of balls to ensure I get round