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  1. Are Golf Clubs missing the point?

    although we offer deals each year to attract new members, i have yet to hear any discontent from the membership. our green fees change regularly, in the height of summer the cost is £12/£16 for 9 holes /18 holes, during autumn the price drops to £10/£15 and during the winter we only charge £8/£13, this is due to being on a flood plain, so even when open the course may not be at it's best during the wet season. i play my home course at least 70 times a year, so even at the reduced rate it's cheaper to pay £480 for a seven day membership. only a few years ago my yearly fees were £525, i'm now paying £1 a week less than I was, the policy of the club is to 'make membership pay' visitors fees have been removed so, any golfer who plays 18 holes of golf a week would benefit from being a member
  2. Copsewood Grange (Coventry)

    one member always attends to the flowerbeds alongside the putting green, and the committee is made up of playing members. Working parties are organised for certain tasks, the latest being removal of the railway sleepers on the bridge over the river on the 8th, I'm pleased you enjoyed your golf and was made welcome. Hopefully we'll meet up for a game when you become a member
  3. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    David, Welcome to Golf Shake. Is your above post in relation to my previous posts regarding Copsewood Grange GC?
  4. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    Simon, I forgot yesterday and have been out today in Leicester. Did you have a walk round or just go by the practise area? Was it far to travel? I;m out next week at Nottingham, but from then on if the course is open you normally find me hacking around on Sunday morning
  5. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    I'l get one tomorrow, or you could search via golfshake, the indexes has changed due to a remeasure and we also have the course measured as a par 70, I pay every Sunday and you are more than welcome to come over for a game. Did you look at the fly over? The course is flat with water in play for quite a few holes, work is ongoing, current project is to have the bridge on the 8th/ 17th relaid making it more buggy friendly
  6. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    This one got me there,
  7. Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    my club is offering 18 months for the price of 13, £520 gets you 7 day membership until April 2018. There is also a new category for next year, a 6 day membership, Sun - Fri, with playing rights after 1530 on Saturdays, Competitions every Saturday, scratch league and Avon league matches as well as B team friendlies throughout the summer
  8. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    sadly, the 2nd ball only last 27 holes. I hate water hazards
  9. End of Season REVIEW

    great golf, keep some reserve for Lingdale
  10. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    oh well, 97th hole and the ball ended in the river, search as I did it was not found, so onto ball #2 11 holes in and no yellow sap marks yet.
  11. What length of time is your golf ball used for?

    bought some wilson staff pro balls from a boot sale £4 for a dozen, thinking that the cost negates the fact I'm losing lots of balls. anyway, ball #1 has now lasted 5 rounds, it's tried to go missing in action a couple of times, but I keep finding it. after this post it wouldn't surprise me if it only lasted one more hole....
  12. How far is too far !?

    having looked back at your other posts any distance would be better than what you are currently experiencing
  13. End of Season REVIEW

    SO... with the golf season nearly over how did you fair. for me my handicap moved significantly in the wrong direction, met some new golfers and played some good quality courses for bargain green fees. Over to you
  14. Newbie

    Hi Ryan, I'm a member at the Grange, if you fancy a game (preferbly Sunday) let me know
  15. North vs South - golf only spot available

    sorry, my parents have got me theatre tickets to a show in Hunstanton, so a weekend with no golf