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  1. great value, have you played there before?
  2. #HackingDotCom you haven't seen nothing yet, I will know doubt be the worst 13 h/c you've ever seen.
  3. So, with another BH only 10 days away what are your plans this time? I've just put my name down to play Handsworth Wood, £20 is a steal My wife found out when it popped up on her facebook...Ooops
  4. The same reasoning has been in the back of my mind, if my current putter works then why change? Athough after 16 0.1's with my new clubs I managed to put together a round that got me cut 0.6, it just seems to take forever
  5. I would love to get to 10, the wife wouldn't be happy though. I promised not to buy any more golf gear unless I reach the 10 mark, then I may pull the trigger on a new putter
  6. results are in, tied 13th, from 34 pairings. my partner got nearest the pin on the famous 18th
  7. i'll drive as you doing St Albans,
  8. update; ditched the cheapies, bought a pair of puma's really light and very comfortable Forgan golf boots, look like pit boots but atlhough on the heavier side are not too uncomfortable, and I can walk in the rough all winter long and still have dry feet...
  9. you can't really go wrong at the price your paying
  10. Cheers, I'm in
  11. Please change my status, I'm now attending the event. Many Thanks
  12. @fullthrottle67
  13. would you wear one of these?
  14. I didn't notice tbh, we were never really held up mainly because the group that had the tee time before us didn't show, Do you fancy doing Walmley in September? I have just booked the day off work.
  15. first tee 1215, left the course about 5pm, although not the quickest round it didn't feel like a slog