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  1. Rob Nutt

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Chris, will sort this on Monday as I am away all weekend and won't get to see my buddy.
  2. Rob Nutt

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    just as an update, I won a major but still playing off 17.3, maybe upto 18 by the time we play, there is still time
  3. Rob Nutt

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Chris, please add Ian Hodgkins h/c 25 to the list, he played last year cheers
  4. Rob Nutt

    And the winner is Unbelievable, 6 missed birdie chances yet still took the first prize Charity Golf Day for Breast Cancer Care, format was 2 man texas,
  5. Rob Nutt

    Back to back 36 hole weekends #Rain argh

    board qualifier on saturday, and then back on sunday to raise more money for this years chosen charity which id Guide Dogs for the Blind
  6. Rob Nutt

    Cobra ultralight trolley bag

    I've used Clubhouse Golf, no problems,
  7. Rob Nutt

    Cobra ultralight trolley bag

    a quick google search has come up with prices between £120 an £140, and from trusted retailers as for the bag, no previous xperience although the reviews on American Golf give a good impression
  8. Rob Nutt

    Equality act.

    If the green keepers decide to ban ride on buggies, it's for the good of the course and no other reason, surely where i play we have plenty of members who can walk but not enough to make it round the course, so effectively they can't play during buggy bans, they undrstand the need to ban buggies isn't it the same with electric trolleys? some members can't carry, so the decision to allow or ban is taken purely due to course conditions
  9. Rob Nutt

    Am I missing a section?

    time of year, wet weather means not much golf, once the sun starts shining and the golf season starts the forum will pick up,
  10. Rob Nutt

    4BBB card

    you only need one card per pair, so if your not sure ask your playing partner to fill the card in and explain how it's done. BB is where the best net score in your pair is recorded,
  11. Rob Nutt

    Charity Golf Events 2018

    Be good to welcome some new faces. The breakfast starts at 930, with tee off at 11.00, if we get enough entering we may be having a shotgun start. I would guess the fourballs will be decided durng breakfast, but that's up to the organiser, I'm just his helper
  12. Rob Nutt

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Can't see a problem with that
  13. Rob Nutt

    New handicap

    course fully open today, but not many in the area was. hit the ball better this morning, still not scoring enough, 4 bad tee shots cost although my putting went astray halfay round. work in progress
  14. Rob Nutt

    Golfshake 36 Hole Competition 2018

    Chris, I have registered on the link provided, I'll be bringing the same chap as last year, Thanks
  15. Rob Nutt

    New handicap

    After the annual revies I have gone up tp 19, thats 4 shots added due to reviews, I might be able to score double points now in stableford for both front and back nine, somethng I have been struggling with