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  1. Flippin' eck Russell, off your hc you could show me a thing or two I'm sure. Great scoring Brian
  2. So, I finally manged to string two decent rounds together. Saturday managed 39 points from the competition tees which gave me 3rd place and a cut of 0.6. I followed that with 38 points in a bounce game on Sunday, still picking up the odd n/r, I'm heading in the right direction, how about everyone else?
  3. you can get summer base layers from the same outlet, and I would also recommend Woodworm, great quality, especially the polo's
  4. decent quality at a very low price, wash well too. I have a few and find them suitable for the golf course other colours available
  5. Why does the link take you to facebook?
  6. I was told by my PGA Pro, only to have 30 balls at the range, each ball should be hit with a purpose, be that a chip into the net, a drive or an iron to a set distance/target. set up each time as you would on the course, anymore than 30 and the boredom starts
  7. like the look of this, although only early tee times available , which would mean to much beer time after
  8. 11 from the list,
  9. lovely views of Gloucestershire high up on Cleeve Hill GC,
  10. silica gel is your friend,
  11. i won't be winning anything, unless there is a wooden spoon on offer. will pop in the bar after the game for a quick dink moe than likely
  12. 1254, was hoping to play later but one of my group decided against playing as we are at Melton Mowbray the next day
  13. Can I have a +1 please? e don't need to tee of together although we will be driving down together
  14. Had a word with my works manager and it looks like I'll be OK for this new date.