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  1. There is a bloke at my club who carries a spare ball in his pocket. this ball will always be the same make and number as the one he is playing with. I think you know what he does next. Unfortunately, despite the fact so many of us make jokes about it when he is in earshot, nobody has challenged him yest.
  2. Seriously, I just read that 10 times, and it doesn't make any sense. This is how a Texas scramble works. It is a medal event, so the total shots of each hole are added together. All the players handicaps are then added together, and if there are 4 players, then the total handicap is divided by 4. The handicap is then taken from the gross score. Some competitions may specify that a team has to play off of 90% of their handicap (10% deducted). Therefore, if all of you played off of 25, that would be a total of 100-10%/4, therefore the teams handicap would be 22.5. I think you may have got a little confused, as the competition would not be 10% of the handicap, it would 10% deducted. Hope you understand
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    golf clubs

    Loads of tips really. 1) For me the most important thing above everything else if friendliness. Gold is a social activity, and if you can't make friends it's a waist of time. 2) How well is the course kept and tended. Next year I am leaving my club because the green keepers allow it to get poor before the sort the problem 3) Some people are concerned about the club house, personally I don't tend to use it. I think the tightening up on drink driving laws contributed to this 4) The pro shop 5) Is there a decent and helpful resident pro 6) Is the club run efficiently, but at the same time doesn't have too many politics 7) How interesting is the course, because it is quite easy to get bored. 8) Last but not least, the price