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  1. In Looking forward to losing a few balls in the aqua!
  2. Hotel booked...looking forward to coming back to Minch!
  3. Has the Stroud one changed? Looks completely different to when I stayed there last time! edit - was looking at ropey photos!
  4. Soooo.anyone getting hotels at all? Cirencester town centre looks a decent shout. A drive home afterwards was hard work, so tempted to stay the Friday evening
  5. I doubt it would change...just remember a long debate last time, and I was right on the cusp i'll try and help Team South retain the trophy
  6. So... Where does the border split north and south?!
  7. In. Just need a hotel for the night after now!
  8. Yup, should be game for this, as you are already aware. Hopefully bring a friend too
  9. Clubs, balls, tees, range finder, bag of accessories (ball markers, pitch repairers etc), game golf, spare glove and that's about it. Unless it is cold, in which case a woolly hat and mittens are there too. oh, and a couple of bottles of water!