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  1. Hi lads I have not been on for a while do to other commitments however I'm looking for a low handicap playing partner to advise me on a few things I'm playing off 18 at moment but I'm told if I play alongside better players then I might pick up a few things
  2. S6 or s20 what's your views
  3. Hi Lads If you are ever in the scottish Boarders towns vist THE HIRSEL GOLF CLUB IN SCOTLAND not far from berwick played it last saturday fantastic setting and varied holes I never had that good off round scoring only two points on the back nine (might have something to do with the beer the night before) but fantastic venue and nice food aswell
  4. Hi Lads ive set up 4 rounds off golf for a army society and we have played two rounds however the leaderboard will not tally both rounds combined only each round can someone help me please if admin want to take a look its CGGS group thanks Cheers
  5. im away saturday till the 17th may so that counts me out but i will be back so anytime after that is fine lets get the first meet out the way and before you know it it will become a regular thing look forward to it
  6. Hi Lads I play off 16 ?? golfshake handicap only im all for meeting up for games just give me a shout not this weekend though as playing in doncaster cheers
  7. Excellent thankyou all sorted now
  8. Terry Jones


    Ok Lads looking for advice ive set up 4 rounds for a army society that i belong to on here nearly all members a managed accounts by me and they dont have or are not members of golfshake however three off us are mine is connected to the system as when i upgrade my rounds then if my hc goes either way then so doed my hc on the vents and members in the group however the other two dont i need to get there complete profiles on that system please so if somone can help me please cheers
  9. Played the Brabazon at the belfry yesterday on a freebie great course but sadly 119 round was not good wet under foot and after 9 i was tired but would not stop me playing it again. The only bad thing is when i paid £19 for a burger ?????
  10. Hi Lads On saturday the 23rd April 2016 the coldstream guards Golf society are competing in the 1st round off the 2016 championshipwe have 4 rounds all over the country throughout the year this years round 1 is taken place at the Town Moor Golf Club in Doncaster the middle off the racecourse we have 20 players confirmed but are open to guests the breakdown is Cost £36 Tee Off 10am Bacon Rolls coffee/tea 18 Holes Pie peas and chips Trophies are Round one Winner and Runner up Guest winner and runner up Longest Drive Nearest the pin and nearest the pin in two Bottom of the pile If anybody in that area would like to join us for a game please reply below and i will get back to you Regards terry