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    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    Oh wow, that's is a long time. Thanks for all Ur help. If you are ever on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean, you all are welcome to try out playing on what was once the worst course in the world! There's no grass, just lava ash, rocks and sand!
  2. Island3r

    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    Thanks, that clears it up. The guys running it just stuck to what they were told years ago I guess. Any idea what year it changed from 24? I've tried Googling but not found anything. Thanks again
  3. Island3r

    Was Men's Maximum Handicap ever 24?

    Thanks Yes the rules at our club are very old, ran by the older members. We've never had any issues, but they've handed over the reins so we're trying to get ourselves updated. The first move will be to get the members to complete 3 rounds so we can get all the handicaps in order then we'll go from there. Cheers
  4. Hi All, I'm part of an amateur Club run by it's members, I've been nominated for the new Handicap Secretary so have been brushing up on the handicapping rules as I'm sure ours are a bit outdated. Our club has a course of SSS 67, Par 67 with about 40 playing members, we have one or two competitions per month, but it's mainly just friendly winner of a hole wins a ball from the rest of the players type of stuff. Back to the Handicaps, our maximum for Men is 24, but from what I understand it is 28 and 36 for women (which we already have). Has maximum Handicapping ever been 24? The Handicap scoring follows the CONGU system but I'm just trying to figure out where the 24 for Men might have come from? Thanks