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  1. Hey up BT, would have to be the hit 3 more GIR for me. Feel like if finding more green i'd have the opporunity to hole .ore putts and not be scrapping to get up and down as much. Just struggling a tad with accuracy from my irons, although working hard in the off season so fingers crossed!
  2. Just a quick hello to the forum, not long signed up for the site (although I thought I'd previously signed up) but never mind. Been golfing for the last 3 years afyer a long break from the game and severley got the golding bug! Had the pelasure of meeting many great prople through the sport and particularly some of the pros over the last few years who certainly inspired me to keep playing and improving. Currently playing off 7 at Trentham Park GC in Staffordshire, lovely course and a tough challenge for most. Only joined it this year after moving from Berkshire so looking forward to starting a new season there next year now! Hope everryone has a superb Christmas and newyear and look forward to keeping my eye on the forums from now on and getting to now a few more people.