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  1. Mikey Isle of Man

    New Driver, oh Why???

    thanks to you both for your replies. Yes, it was the same spec as the demo and have booked a session with the pro at my golf club for him to assist me adjusting it to what I need
  2. Mikey Isle of Man

    New Driver, oh Why???

    I am not going to lie, I was alright with my old Callaway driver. Always seemed to hit it where I was aiming and generally was out there a good distance, but watched US Open and fancied a bit of the TaylorMade M1 action. I demoed it and was hitting it a mile on average about 50 yards further than my old driver so the obvious thing to do was buy one. Now that I have the driver, cannot seem to get it to behave. Have tried it in different positions in my stance and strangely, no two drives are the same. Will hit a rabbit killer (drilled less than 10 foot off the ground) followed by high fade (usual ball shape is draw) from the same ball position. anyone got any pointers or drills to get me back on the straight (hopefully) and narrow?
  3. Mikey Isle of Man

    Shout to all Golfshakers

    Have any of you ever travelled to the Isle of Man to play golf and what do you think of the courses?
  4. Mikey Isle of Man

    Test post

    like the new look with the link to the current PGA and European Tour events