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  1. Golf Partner / Society Birmingham

    Hi Brett, We have a couple of guys also who play off 22 and 24 so will arrange a meet up after my hols if thats okay ? Cheers Andy M.
  2. Golf Partner / Society Birmingham

    Cheers for that mate. I have emailed him so awaiting a reply. Thanks.
  3. Golf Partner / Society Birmingham

    Hi, I live in the Birmingham area and happy to have a knock with anyone. Mostly Mon to fri at any time. Also interested in above link but cant seem to contact them. ?
  4. North vs South 2016

    Hi Guys. can we start planning this now then for 2017. ? Hopefully then its a guarantee.
  5. North vs South 2016

    Still up for it, if we can get it sorted soon.
  6. North vs South 2016

    How about Calderfields Golf & Country Club. 2 Rounds, Overnight stay. Chalets running along the 18th fairway for the guys staying over ?.
  7. North vs South 2016

    How about Calderfields Golf & Country Club ?. Overnight accomodation in the Chalets that run along the 18th Fairway. Also based in the West Midlands so fairly central. Check out their website. We can look at golf, Overnight stay , Breakfast then another 18 holes. ?
  8. North vs South 2016

    My Allegiance is deffo North though lol.
  9. North vs South 2016

    Living in Birmingham in the Midlands, does that come under North or South ?.
  10. What's in your bag?

    I have a packet of Pattersons Shortbread finger Biscuits as my essential. Bottle of Volvic flavoured water. Then the rest lol. : PingG30 Pink Bubba Driver. Ping G20 3 & 5 Wood., Taylor Made Rescue. Set of Ping G20 Irons 4 to SW Inc. Scotty Golo3 Putter.
  11. Hi Chris, Is this open to any Golfshake member. ?
  12. North vs South 2016

    Very Interested !!