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  1. Viper

    Who Can Recommend a Hand Held GPS?

    Test 24 Aug 2019 13:48 UTC
  2. Viper

    Who Can Recommend a Hand Held GPS?

    Errrrrrrrrrrrrr this might not be the best place to look for what you need. Survey grade kit needs to be very accurate and sounds very expensive at the moment. Furthermore, unless you can get something that can use the USA military encryption channel you'll not get the accuracy I think you are looking for. My mobile can give elevation via many different App's, but just like location, it's often + - 10 to 30 feet. That's not good enough I suspect. See link for detail: You could try searching the internet; I made a quick search and found nothing with a greater accuracy than 0.5 m in any dimension. That's about 18 inches in old money. Search the internet.
  3. Viper

    Who Can Recommend a Hand Held GPS?

    Update: since I changed to an Android Phone, the Freecaddie free basic now includes hazards and score entry. However..... I can't find a way to save this card, nor send it to my profile! Furthermore, I also cannot see a way to "reset" the scores before my next round.
  4. Viper

    Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    Some further information passed to me recently. I quote the important bits: "Although Broke Hill Golf Course is private land, unfortunately for the old and new owners the course is criss-crossed with Public Rights of Way and Public Footpaths. My count is 3, maybe 4. These are regularly used. The ultimate majority shareholder of the complex and extensive shell and holding companies involved in this is in fact not a Russian billionaire, but a billionaire from one the 'stans in eastern europe. He is an ultimate 60% shareholder in everything. He is alleged to have companies in Switzerland, Lichtenstein as well as running the golfing side of his empire through entities called "Green Grass Golf" and "North Eastern Investments". There may also be other companies in the chain. However, he appears to have 2 main threads to his business empire; property and golf. I am also led to believe that the golf is because he likes golf. Further, there is one small office in Bristol with one person working in it. Almost everything is going to Chelsfield Lakes. Broke Hill Golf Club Ltd appears to be owned by Green Grass Golf. At the bottom of the Chelsfield Lakes website is the reference to North Eastern Investments. But as we know they are both part of the same empire. Now there is a slight misdirection going on with regards to the alleged sale of the land to a developer; it isn't a sale. Apparently it's just a transfer at Nil value from the golfing arm of his empire to the property arm. (Comment: if this is a sale of £2m, it's still thought to be an internal sale). Now, this is further complicated in that there is some sort of government review going on at the moment regarding how we treat and the permanence of Green Belt Land, and my source has seen a letter to a very local person to Broke Hill that states something along the lines that the review won't even conclude until the middle of next year. Companies like Empires take the medium and long view. I personally suspect that they are hoping that they will be able to build residential property on all or part of this land. The housing shortage is all over the UK news all the time. There's a railway station, Halstead, less than 200 metres away, and a bus route as well, so might appear to be a wonderful place to build housing with access to public transport. Keeping the land having closed the business there cost very, very, little compared the return, even with a delay. They may hoping to wear down the objectors, the Local council, and ultimately the relevant Government Minister. To repeat for confirmation, at this moment I still cannot find any planning applications at this time for the land at Broke Hill." End quote, quote is edited for anonymity. If I hear anything else I'll pass it on.
  5. Viper

    Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    Also recently found out that it was a Russian billionaire that closed Gatton Manor. Trend?
  6. Viper

    Club closing. Broke Hill GC, Kent

    Don't know what the developer is planning, but I do know that the course itself is designated Green Belt land. Cannot as yet find any Planning Applications.
  7. Broke Hill GC in Halstead, Kent, is closing on 1st January 2018. Everyone is being moved to Chelsfield Lakes. Looks like the alleged Russian billionaire owner is bored with his toy.
  8. Viper

    The Deeper Questions Behind Rory's Long Drives

    Interesting point; when I watch the Long Drive championships they hit between 350 and 400. Not much father than Rory. Or have I got that wrong? Again, interesting point about conditions. Density altitude does make a big difference to distances. I remember watching a US play-off years ago on TV featuring Westwood. They did the last hole more than once, I seem to remember. It was getting late and the temperature had dropped over 10 degrees Celsius since his final round, and on the play-off hole he under-hit all his irons. He and his caddie had clearly not taken into account the denser air caused by the cooler conditions (P V and T, technically speaking). Incidentally, if a Pro V1 was the same price as my e6 (internet £15-£17 a dozen), I'd use a Pro V1, but "it ain't ever goin' to be", Dudes. When I find a lost one close to new I use a Pro V1, and love it, but loose to many to afford to buy. Personally, I'd love to see the Pro's all using the same ball within the same tournament 4/5 days, to further equalize performance. The Tour could change the ball supplier in sequence from one week to another; might make for interesting viewing and results... especially if they used second level balls as well as top-of-the-range. After all there are lots of tournaments, but not that many really different ball manufacturers. How funny it would be to watch the top Pros using a Wilson Ultra brick.
  9. Viper

    Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    On the BBC highlights Sunday night, they had a new Scottish lady presenter, Eilidh Barbour.....looks like a (almost) direct swap for Hazel Irvine. Many will remember I did not like Hazel's performances at all, so much so that I complained with evidence directly to the Head of BBC Sport. Deaf ears of course. Apparently Eilidh did the PGA back in May, but I didn't notice. She is a professional presenter who also plays golf, and time will tell if she is up-to-it. There are too many sycophants in sports interviewing, and the trend is that way, which is in my humble opinion not what good presenting and good broadcast journalism is about. I agree that Mr Gary "silly but well paid crisp advert" Lineker doesn't make the grade. Gary was a professional footballer, albeit one of the few with a brain, plays golf, but is lamentable as golf interviewer. However, I don't think he did anything at the PGA....?
  10. Viper

    Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    Having Sky Sports is fine if you can afford it. If golf wants to keep there sports relevant, as well as grow it, they must get TV viewers in the market that cannot afford Sky sports. Spot on TheLyth. In particular "Ken on the Course" is bloody marvellous! Just like "Ted's Notebooks" are, to me, the most interesting part of F1 !
  11. Viper

    Drones on vLogs

    As is often the case with new things, no one will behave themselves until the first person gets prosecuted and heavily punished, and shown in over-the-top TV news items nationwide. That's what happens historically; remember how early Court cases about mobile phones used in cars featured highly on the news? I just hope it's not an aircraft crash event.
  12. Viper

    The Deeper Questions Behind Rory's Long Drives

    The R&A, the US PGA and the USGA have been slow and gutless in controlling the sport, mainly with respect to the ball, but also possibly with respect to Drivers. It is understandable in the case of the US PGA and the USGA because the USA is a predominately capitalist system, where business and wealth get their way. Am I the only person ever to have heard the regular rumours that if the US and UK authorities try to "shorten" the range of balls they will both face long, painful and expensive legal action? Every now and then you hear an old ex-Pro golfer, usually USA, reminiscing about the days when the ball would float in water...
  13. Viper

    Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    I wonder/hope that the European PGA and the R&A might notice what GB cricket have recently done; put cricket back on terrestrial TV: “We have no ambition to be the richest, most irrelevant sport in this country,” Tom Harrison, chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board. I despise what Sky have done to terrestrial TV sport with their buckets of cash.
  14. Viper

    Trouser Tucking

    However...... socks are far easier to wash than trousers, take less space in the washing machine than trousers, and socks don't usually have to be ironed/pressed (my caddie/butler irons my socks), and I have many, many pairs of socks. I really don't want to have to wash my trousers after every round of golf in winter, as my caddie/butler is far too busy polishing my clubs and re-waterproofing my golf shoes, again and again and again........ Some of the above is not, strictly, true; can you work out what?
  15. Viper

    Major Tim to ground control

    I wonder if that ball Alan Shephard hit on the moon has landed yet..... (2 balls I think)