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  1. Okay. Well, having reviewed all the suggestions on here, I'd like to give my honest opinion. Based on the need to work without a WiFi nor E/3G/4G signal I'd recommend Freecaddie basic free, for 2 main reasons; no signal needed, other than GPS, and no signin/signup needed. The only caveat is that there is no green nor hazard guide on the free version. Happy to discuss.
  2. Just been looking at the MotoCaddie one on an android device. Is fully-featured and free, so looks very good. However, it appears to load the course once at the start of the round, so needs this doing for the first hole before mobile/wifi signal is lost. There doesn't appear to be a favourite nor saving feature. So if you have a problem with the app on the course and have to restart it, you won't get the course back without a signal. A bit surprised there are places without a signal, but I suppose it must occasionally happen. Freecaddie saves the course on the phone until you change it. Idea: load them both, Freecaddie basic free and Motocaddy free; after all, they are free! (I've just emailed Freecaddie to ask them to make the "Pro" version free because the Motocaddy one if free; I'm not holding my breath)
  3. FreeCaddie is what you are looking for. It's free. You load the course (and it stays until you change it) you are going to play before you loose 3G/4G, preferably at home on your WiFi. I set my phone to "Airplane Mode" at the course, and it still works. On my phone "Airplane Mode" does not disable GPS reception. Gives distances to front, middle and back. But that's all it does. FreeCaddie is what you are looking for.
  4. I agree
  5. There's plenty of colourful tops and trousers on A**zon. And you don't have to buy golf stuff, a polo shirt is a polo shirt.
  6. I try to play ready golf, but you really have to be careful no one is in the way..... Beware, or you might already know, that English Law has Legal Precedents regarding injuries caused by golfers. If your club actively encourages ready golf you might find yourselves jointly liable with the golfer who ends up in the civil courts facing a claim for damages. Although my club has free liability insurance for each member, which is rare, I buy my own every year (about £40) as well, just in case. Does your club have any injury insurance liability cover in it's Corporate Insurance? Please don't blame me, it's the Judges who set the Precedent.
  7. When I started playing golf too much 14 years ago I got pains in my left elbow, and with the arm just above and just below. Yes, you've guessed, it's similar to tennis elbow, but they don't call it golf elbow. Doctor, hospital out-patient physiotherapist, exercises including hand/finger gripping, and finally acupuncture on the NHS! I did not know that the NHS approved of acupuncture. Well, it's gone.
  8. Mis-quoting me does not win an argument any more than being a foul and abusive. What I actually said was " In fact, the movement is only ever to open he face as centrifugal force, drag and impact reaction all act in that sense." Three forces, all to varying degrees, but sum to produce a total effect. Grow up.
  9. Definitely worth going to the doctor. Sounds more like a tenon problem... but see a doctor. New body action, golf, perhaps triggered a reaction.
  10. My driving ranges have distance flags and nets and targets and other things so I can use clubs-to-distance. Even No 1 wood can be judged...
  11. Jesus YOU really are a temperamental one. Throwing qualifications around is no good if your adversary has them too. I am qualified in physics, aeronautics, and engineering. You've had enough evidence. I'm not going to waste any more time if you won't listen, and it's all just your opinion as well. To quote you back, just don't expect me to drink the crap YOUR serving, just because you say its fact.
  12. Furthermore: You underestimate the accuracy of the human eye and regularity of the set-up. It is your failure to understand what has small effect and what has bigger effect that defines your lack of factual understanding of the "shaft grip/human" interface. How do you effectively and legally clean your hands and shafts during a round without gloves, especially in summer? In order to attempt to hold a gloveless shaft firmly and correctly for the whole swing, the force your hands have to the exert is far more than is needed for a gloved stress-free, free release, smooth swing. Tightening your fingers and hand muscles without gloves cause other muscles in the wrists and lower arms to tighten up, hence increasing overall muscle stress in the whole arm, and negatively affecting the whole swing. All the evidence and facts are against you; if gloves are a con I'd be the first to expose it ! I tried playing without gloves, and I'm much worse. I can lead a horse to water, but I can't make it drink. I'm not offended by the word "chopper", I am offended by your sweeping generalization that every golfer other than a Pro swinging at 125mph is an "average chopper". What about a non-Pro with a swing speed of 125, 110, 100 mph?
  13. I'm rarely touchy, and I do have a great sense of humour. However, It's you that are touchy as it's clear from your response that you jump at anything that does not match your belief system, even when you are wrong, which you are on this subject. Let's analyse: Define "bang average"? Where do you get 80% from? A glove make a big difference to me, and note that I do not make any claim a glove's effect for you. All of the variables you quote do have an effect, but only a small effect; but no way near as much as a shaft slipping/moving in an ungloved hand, which additionally changes the head angle. In fact, the movement is only ever to open he face as centrifugal force, drag and impact reaction all act in that sense.
  14. Play more golf. Pay less for everything in golf.
  15. I've never seen a YouT*** Pro criticize anything. This goes along with the pointless mag articles and forum topics about "what is wrong/is there anything wrong with golf?". There is nothing wrong with the sport of golf, but there are lots of courses and equipment manufacturers winging (wrongly) on about how bad the sales into golf are. Well, I don't care what the sales are in golf, I play golf for fun and sport, not to support a bloated, profit-seeking industry, that overpays players as well, and lies to try and sell me a new driver/irons/ball/glove/trolley every 6 months.