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  1. The Deeper Questions Behind Rory's Long Drives

    Interesting point; when I watch the Long Drive championships they hit between 350 and 400. Not much father than Rory. Or have I got that wrong? Again, interesting point about conditions. Density altitude does make a big difference to distances. I remember watching a US play-off years ago on TV featuring Westwood. They did the last hole more than once, I seem to remember. It was getting late and the temperature had dropped over 10 degrees Celsius since his final round, and on the play-off hole he under-hit all his irons. He and his caddie had clearly not taken into account the denser air caused by the cooler conditions (P V and T, technically speaking). Incidentally, if a Pro V1 was the same price as my e6 (internet £15-£17 a dozen), I'd use a Pro V1, but "it ain't ever goin' to be", Dudes. When I find a lost one close to new I use a Pro V1, and love it, but loose to many to afford to buy. Personally, I'd love to see the Pro's all using the same ball within the same tournament 4/5 days, to further equalize performance. The Tour could change the ball supplier in sequence from one week to another; might make for interesting viewing and results... especially if they used second level balls as well as top-of-the-range. After all there are lots of tournaments, but not that many really different ball manufacturers. How funny it would be to watch the top Pros using a Wilson Ultra brick.
  2. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    On the BBC highlights Sunday night, they had a new Scottish lady presenter, Eilidh Barbour.....looks like a (almost) direct swap for Hazel Irvine. Many will remember I did not like Hazel's performances at all, so much so that I complained with evidence directly to the Head of BBC Sport. Deaf ears of course. Apparently Eilidh did the PGA back in May, but I didn't notice. She is a professional presenter who also plays golf, and time will tell if she is up-to-it. There are too many sycophants in sports interviewing, and the trend is that way, which is in my humble opinion not what good presenting and good broadcast journalism is about. I agree that Mr Gary "silly but well paid crisp advert" Lineker doesn't make the grade. Gary was a professional footballer, albeit one of the few with a brain, plays golf, but is lamentable as golf interviewer. However, I don't think he did anything at the PGA....?
  3. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    Having Sky Sports is fine if you can afford it. If golf wants to keep there sports relevant, as well as grow it, they must get TV viewers in the market that cannot afford Sky sports. Spot on TheLyth. In particular "Ken on the Course" is bloody marvellous! Just like "Ted's Notebooks" are, to me, the most interesting part of F1 !
  4. Drones on vLogs

    As is often the case with new things, no one will behave themselves until the first person gets prosecuted and heavily punished, and shown in over-the-top TV news items nationwide. That's what happens historically; remember how early Court cases about mobile phones used in cars featured highly on the news? I just hope it's not an aircraft crash event.
  5. The Deeper Questions Behind Rory's Long Drives

    The R&A, the US PGA and the USGA have been slow and gutless in controlling the sport, mainly with respect to the ball, but also possibly with respect to Drivers. It is understandable in the case of the US PGA and the USGA because the USA is a predominately capitalist system, where business and wealth get their way. Am I the only person ever to have heard the regular rumours that if the US and UK authorities try to "shorten" the range of balls they will both face long, painful and expensive legal action? Every now and then you hear an old ex-Pro golfer, usually USA, reminiscing about the days when the ball would float in water...
  6. Are you happy to see the PGA on the BBC?

    I wonder/hope that the European PGA and the R&A might notice what GB cricket have recently done; put cricket back on terrestrial TV: “We have no ambition to be the richest, most irrelevant sport in this country,” Tom Harrison, chief executive of the England and Wales Cricket Board. I despise what Sky have done to terrestrial TV sport with their buckets of cash.
  7. Trouser Tucking

    However...... socks are far easier to wash than trousers, take less space in the washing machine than trousers, and socks don't usually have to be ironed/pressed (my caddie/butler irons my socks), and I have many, many pairs of socks. I really don't want to have to wash my trousers after every round of golf in winter, as my caddie/butler is far too busy polishing my clubs and re-waterproofing my golf shoes, again and again and again........ Some of the above is not, strictly, true; can you work out what?
  8. Major Tim to ground control

    I wonder if that ball Alan Shephard hit on the moon has landed yet..... (2 balls I think)
  9. No presentation and no contact after a win!!!

    OKAY. So you are saying that it was a sweepstake, which appears to be okay. Provided all the cash came from players understanding it to be Sweepstake or Gambling or Wagering all is okay. However, you say the the FoArden pay out big cash prizes to amateurs, which must therefore have been paid-in by the golfers. The size of the cash prize is therefore only in proportion to the size of the entry and the amount requested; FoA cannot add to the pot. Agreed? Something else. The very last paragraph in Guidelines for Rules 3.1: "Sweepstakes, Gambling, Wagering Informal gambling is permitted among individual golfers or teams of golfers provided the primary purpose is the playing of the game for enjoyment, not for financial gain. Cash payments for gambling are permitted when the players know each other, participation is optional and is limited to the players, the money is advanced by the players and the amount of money involved is not generally considered to be excessive." Note the word excessive.
  10. What are the best golf waterproofs out now?

    The best are the cheapest Goretext you can find !
  11. No presentation and no contact after a win!!!

    A cheque? A Cash prize? I might not be completely up-to-date with ALL the Rules, but isn't that a Breach of Amateur Status Rules ? (I'm assuming you are all amateurs...)
  12. FootJoy AQL appear to be discounted almost everywhere at the moment, including AG. Full grain leather uppers. I use the FootJoy HydroLite in winter in black; they are comfortable, don't leak and wipe clean easily. They are also a shoe that comes in various widths, and I use wide.
  13. Who Can Recommend a Hand Held GPS?

    Okay. Well, having reviewed all the suggestions on here, I'd like to give my honest opinion. Based on the need to work without a WiFi nor E/3G/4G signal I'd recommend Freecaddie basic free, for 2 main reasons; no signal needed, other than GPS, and no signin/signup needed. The only caveat is that there is no green nor hazard guide on the free version. Happy to discuss.
  14. Who Can Recommend a Hand Held GPS?

    Just been looking at the MotoCaddie one on an android device. Is fully-featured and free, so looks very good. However, it appears to load the course once at the start of the round, so needs this doing for the first hole before mobile/wifi signal is lost. There doesn't appear to be a favourite nor saving feature. So if you have a problem with the app on the course and have to restart it, you won't get the course back without a signal. A bit surprised there are places without a signal, but I suppose it must occasionally happen. Freecaddie saves the course on the phone until you change it. Idea: load them both, Freecaddie basic free and Motocaddy free; after all, they are free! (I've just emailed Freecaddie to ask them to make the "Pro" version free because the Motocaddy one if free; I'm not holding my breath)