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  1. I have been a member of a golf club for well over 20 years now but for the first time ever I am considering next year trying a year without membership and just paying and playing to see how it goes....choices choices.....
  2. http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/golf/40738368
  3. I am more than happy that BBC have the rights, I just hope like I've said that the coverage is plentiful with presenters, interviewers and in course reporters that know hat they are doing, saying, asking etc. There are plenty of knowledgeable ex and even current golfers out there to give an invaluable insight to the proceedings. Really hope BBC don't go all cheap on the coverage.....
  4. I hope that BBC do provide a good production, I also love Ken on the course but what worries me is we will only get 3-4 hours viewing and a show presented by Gary Lineker or some other well paid pundit not relevant to golf. I remember Lineker interviewing Lee Westwood at the Masters and Westwoods face was a picture at some of the crazy questions being asked.... Fingers crossed all of my concerns don't come to fruition and BBC provide a great 4 days of coverage.
  5. That course looks stunning. Played it a good few years ago and would love the chance to visit again.
  6. Use anew ball every comp. All balls I've used before I either use in practice rounds or put in my practice ball bag for the range/short game area.
  7. Sorry for the late reply. I pass fairways hit (where misses are) GIR ( again where the misses are) scrambling stats, putts and I also pass on strokes gained/lost against handicaps that I think I should be trying to reach. hope that makes sense.
  8. I have sky (virgin actually) so either way wasn't much of an issue to me apart from the fact that sky do always show the big tournaments from start to finish. I just hope that BBC offer plenty of coverage and get some decent presenters on (please not Gary Lineker again). It would be nice if they were as innovative as sky have been.....we will soon see I guess. The viewing figures will be interesting to see at the end of the tournament.
  9. Been using GG Live since the start of the year after upgrading from the Classic version. Personally I think its great and it gives me all the data and info I need to pass onto the pro when I have lessons and also to see for myself the areas I need to improve. Noy seen or used other versions so would be great to compare to see what is the best out there.
  10. Played Sandiway last Friday, it's not far from Knutsford in Cheshire. What a great course, tree lined, great bunkering both fairways and green side. Greens were super fast (over 10 ok stimp and that's the slowest they'll be for months apparently). Tests all areas of your game some fantastic holes and views over the lake. Def worth a visit if ever up that way.