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  1. Roxgolf

    Moved to Adelaide - help me find a course :)

    Oh and so you don't think I'm irresponsible and don't care about my new favorite course - We haven't had too much time to plan it, happened pretty quickly
  2. OK so as it's shown in the title - Me and the hubs just moved to Adelaide. Can you please tell me what are your favorite courses and why? I need to resettle Thanks a lot!
  3. Roxgolf

    Golf courses in Sydney

    hahahaha, good one
  4. Roxgolf

    Trouser Tucking

    hahah this is hilarious
  5. Roxgolf

    Golf courses in Sydney

    So guys! What is your favorite golf course in Sydney? I have been to a couple in the Northern Beaches area, so far the long reef gc is my favorite. I am looking to change things up a bit. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Hope you hit me with new and awesome ideas!
  6. Roxgolf

    Newbie from Sydney

    Hiya all! Greetings from Sydney! Looking forward to meeting all of you. Well, not all but.. you know what I mean! Cheers!