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      Important Golfshake Handicap updates   18/04/18

      Just in case you missed it earlier this year but several key updates went live on the Golfshake site specifically around the golf handicap system for individual and society golfers.  The system now allows max handicaps of 54 for all.  More information available here: https://www.golfshake.com/news/view/12117/Golfshake_Updates_Handicap_to_54_Society_Event_Scoring.html Additionally for information on how to get a golf handicap check out: https://www.golfshake.com/golfhandicap/
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      2018 Golfshake Updates - Improve Your Game   18/04/18

      Lots of updates have gone live early in 2018 focused around improving the score tracking service we provide, improved golf stat tracking and analysis, shot tendency and updates to improve the data we provide you around benchmakring your game and providing insights into your strengths and weaknesses.     For more information on all the updates to Golfshake visit: https://www.golfshake.com/news/tag/golfshake/  


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  1. Looking for some where to go for a couple of days golfing for around 12-15 people. preferably not a chain type resort course but something a bit more members club plus pub in the village to stay. Wanting somewhere in the north of England eg North yorks perhaps as far north as Newcastle/Alnwick probably further east than west. Thinking somewhere like Richmond. GO!
  2. Uk Top 100 - have you played any?

    13 for me, unlucky for some. Sad to see that there are only 3 courses from Yorkshire in there. You lot are missing out on some great courses not coming further North than Birmingham, soft southerners!! There are loads of little gems in Yorkshire