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    36 Stroke Handicaps

    From 1st January changes are being brought in to allow men to have handicaps up to 36. (Women 54?) I am not sure from what I read whether the handicaps themselves are only supposed to be effective from 1st March. The new 28+ Handicaps will only apply within clubs, and clubs will need to decide where they apply. For instance some of the Competitions at my Club have a maximum handicap of 18 strokes. You can still play in them if you are playing off 24, but you only get 18. I intend to use them wihin a society I run. Golfshake calculations......... When will Golfshake apply these new rules to handicaps? I can see this could be tricky. Some people with Golfshake accounts that are currently showing as 28 might want to understand their 28+ handicap. Say if they are stuck on 105+. My chief reason for asking is that I want to point a few people at the site and suggest that they come here to get a sensible handicap. I would like to know when I should send them? More work for Darren......! Roger