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  1. Didn't go to badly.... Score wasn't great and first tee shot went about 2ft, recovered it well though. Good experience though, looking forward to the next one in 2 weeks time now!
  2. Nice Matt, I imagine my experience will be somewhat similar. I wish it was Stableford though! The little points that you where pulled on, can you remember what they where? I only ask because at least you had that slight comfort blanket of playing with someone you knew, I literally know nobody and I am sure there will be mistakes I make... Cheers Darren, I'm only playing in it to get the card in so I am not too worried about the score but when it comes to tomorrow I suppose its only natural to focus on my score...
  3. My first comp tomorrow, albeit to get a card in for my Handicap. I've only ever played with friends and family and on a couple of corporate days. I've pretty much always played Stableford too.... tomorrow is a medal. Any advice? I don't know anyone at my club yet so just put my name down on a time that suited me best. Not looking forward to those first Tee nerves.