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  1. Fantastic event being supported again by Golfshake. 4BBB £100 per team of 4. Excellent prize table. Matlock golf course on Friday 14th July 2017 This is a brilliant day for golfers by golfers. If you are available join Team Golfshake in the fun. Cant guarantee a hole in one but can guarantee a great day out on a great golf course. poster to follow
  2. rugbyliberator99

    GameGolf Live - anyone else using it ?

    I went through a period of using Game Golf regularly but would also forget to tag the club at pressure moments in the round and then have to input it retrospectively. the data was useful but unless you collect ALL the material it can gave a false picture. I need to check out the Shot Scope system as this seems a bit more user friendly.The Tour Caddy Experience is a fantastic learning tool. I played 2 balls that day scoring 10 with mine and 17 points on 9 holes following the advice from Steve Brotherhood. Highly recommend you check out his web site as it sounds like you could gain massively from the input.
  3. Watch this space for an amazing update to Team Golfshake.
  4. rugbyliberator99

    Amazing day for Team Golfshake in charity event please check out this story for details of the event We will be entering a side into another charity event on Friday 14th July 2017 at Matlock Golf Club. 4BBB £100 per team. Brilliant Day. Golfshake handicap welcome if properly maintained.
  5. rugbyliberator99

    Play with Team Golfshake

    Play with Team Golfshake at an Open qualifying venue On Friday 19th May 2017 a charity event is being held at Kedleston Park golf club near Derby in aid of Rainbows Hospice that supports life limited children across the Midlands. We are offering the chance for a forum reader to join Team Golfshake for the event. We have a morning tee time secured. Cost is £55. This includes entry to the competition and two meals plus a goody bag. This is a substantial discount from the usual green fee price. This is for a great cause and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed by the quality of the course and venue. This is one of the Midlands best courses achieving Open qualifying status from 2018. Contact me via the forum if you are interested and available to play.
  6. Charity Golf Day being run in support of Rainbows Hospice,Loughborough. (Specialists in care for life limited children.) Friday 19th May 2017 at Kedleston Park Golf Club Derbyshire. £220 per team of 4 includes 2 meals. handicap cert required. Mixed teams encouraged. Fantastic Value to play at an Open qualifying venue. Check out the reviews it is in fabulous condition.
  7. rugbyliberator99

    looking for golf partners/ society

    Hi, i play regularly across Derbyshire and beyond. Cavendish is a brilliant facility near to you and is extremely friendly. have to watch the weather though as it can be brutal when the wind blows.where do you usually play?
  8. rugbyliberator99

    Ever fancied the tour caddie experience ?

    article to follow. this was an excellent experience .thoroughly recommended
  9. This golf day is for an excellent cause. Venue is great as well.
  10. rugbyliberator99

    Minchinhampton 36 Hole Competition - The Results

    Congrats to all involved.Sorry I was unable to join you it sounds like a great event. Don't forget about the event in Derbyshire on 22nd July 2016. Its another chance for a competitive event supported by Golfshake
  11. I was very impressed by Lee Westwood and Billy Foster and how they supported Dustin Johnson over the putting fiasco at the US Open.Given his so many near misses at majors this is a real testament to a quality man.He was also very helpful to Danny Willett at The Masters. He certainly seems to be the best playing partner at a major tournament.I sincerely hope he can turn around his fortunes at a major as a golfer as good as he is deserves to have his place recorded for posterity.Still not many better golfers in the world tee to green.I will be cheering him on at The Open. Come on Westy, Worksops' finest.
  12. rugbyliberator99

    Golf partner, Wollaton, Nottm

    check out the charity day we have set up you would be most welcome to join us.Its a very friendly day.
  13. rugbyliberator99

    Anyone fancy a game in Derbyshire tomorrow

    have a look at the event we are putting on at Matlock gc in derbyshire. you would be most welcome to join us.
  14. This is a really fun day and gives Golfshakers around the Midlands the chance to meet up and play some competitive golf. Check out the reviews for Matlock gc.
  15. rugbyliberator99

    Waterproof trolley bags

    I use a Motorcaddy Dry series and they are brilliant. Completely waterproof including the zips so no need for covers etc. If you are not bothered by being the height of fashion there is a new model out soon so there should be some good bargains to be had by buying new from last years stock. the original RRP was £179 I think . They are excellent quality and wear well.also having the stronger structure of the bag makes it easier for use on flights etc. mine is nearly 16 months old but looks as good as new despite getting thrown around in the boot of cars and in flight bags. Totally recommended.
  16. rugbyliberator99

    North vs South 2016

    happy for either date and will try and ensure availability for both. Forest of Arden is a brilliant venue if that is the one currently being considered.
  17. This group had its first meeting last night in parliament. I monitored it as I wasn't sure if it was just going to be a talking shop. (Still not decided!) Here is the first response I had detailing what was discussed. Do you agree that the first priority should be on "perception and participation in golf? ALL-PARTY PARLIAMENTARY GOLF GROUP Parliamentary Golf Group holds first meeting The Parliamentary Golf Group held its first open meeting yesterday evening (Tuesday 19 January). Peers and MPs were joined by Associate Members in the Palace of Westminster and the floor was made open to any and all who wanted to raise an issue or make a point about the game. The lively debate that followed focused on the perception of golf, access for those wanting to play, and matters around club financing, specifically taxation and the role and use of the Community Amateur Sport Club scheme. The meeting was chaired by Group Chairman, the Member of Parliament for the City of Lincoln, Karl McCartney. Speaking afterwards he said, “As a first meeting of an All-Party Parliamentary Group, that was excellent. We heard from a range of Associate Members who are obviously all very passionate about the game and it has already given us a lot to consider when we look to the areas where we can channel our efforts to support golf. My initial intention is to concentrate on both the perception of, and participation in, golf. Golf is a sport for all that needs to let everyone know they are welcome to play and to continue to play throughout their lives.” Having spent the previous few months gathering information from different sources, from stakeholder groups involved in the game to players and fans who wrote in to the Group’s website, the Group will decide on those issues where it feels it can make most difference and begin acting on those areas before the next meeting on Monday 18 April in Westminste
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    Profile images - updates now working

    tried changing picture today. I failed! Not sure if its me or a glitch on the system.
  19. There is a new all party parliamentary group been set up at the House of Commons.

    Any thoughts as to what they should be talking about in there first meeting today?

    Will this be a talking shop or an excuse for some "meetings" based around golf.

    The R & A have joined and some interesting individuals have also signed up.

    What would you be asking and what would top your golfing agenda?

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    Shoes ... how many is an obsession?

    Just checked .couple of new pairs waiting for the better weather and 4 pair of old comfy ones I can't bring myself to throw away. Brian,can't recommend the adidas boost highly enough.used a pair for over 120 rounds . They are incredibly comfortable. I have just bought a pair of new ones from AG.great value for a premium shoe. please don't call me Emelda Marcos.!
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    I am a luddite in matters computer related but this seems to be easy to navigate around and use. functional. I hope it attracts many new forum followers.
  22. rugbyliberator99

    North vs South 2016 - feedback

    great idea and will definitely play if other commitments allow. I like the look of the new forum. chance to meet fellow golf addicts is always a real bonus