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  1. Here for sale is a set of legendary Ben Hogan apex 99 forged by endo (japan) irons. The set consists of 3 to pitching wedge. The irons are in mint condition as the pictures show. Lightly used, no browning to the faces and no pitting or rust to the shafts. The irons are fitted with Rifle Precision steel shafts in 5.5 (stiff) flex. They are standard length, loft and lie. I have checked them on my loft/lie machine, I am willing to adjust to different loft/lie, if the buyer requires for free. The grips are newly fitted (last month), Golf Pride, New Decade MultiCompound MCC Plus4. They are a tour-proven, hybrid grip that features a larger lower hand and new softer rubber material. With a 4.6% larger lower hand diameter than the Original MCC, the Plus4 encourages lighter grip pressure, reduced tension, and increased power. The grips are mid size. These irons are consistently voted as one of the best irons ever made, do a google search. here is a link: Any questions then please ask??