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  1. RussMidd

    Any news on the North v South 2018?

    Darren, can you get a price for two nights and three rounds of golf. You know that Nikki and I like to get up there the day before and have a sneak preview!
  2. RussMidd

    Flying with golf clubs

    Having flown a few times with my golf clubs I would advise sticking as much clothing, etc, into your travel bag. All the airlines are bothered about is the weight, so get it just under the weight and you will be good to go. Also, putting clothing around your clubs is an extra level of protection from damage. I managed to get all my clothing into my golf bag for my last trip. Then, I used hand luggage to take anything else I needed. Russ
  3. Is there any news on when\where this years North v South will be? As somebody who has to book holidays well in advance I need to know soon or I won't be able to make it! Russ
  4. RussMidd

    Are You Joining a Golf Club Next Year?

    sdparkes66, please name and shame this course. They should be grateful you are bringing people into the club! I was a member as Stapleford Abbotts GC for about seven years. Five minutes from getting in my car to getting out of it at the golf club, ideal. Then, I was unemployed for a couple of months and had to suspend my membership. When I got back straight on the finances I went back to the golf club to see about re-joining. My circumstances had changed regarding playing times. All they offered me was the seven day membership, the five day membership or their pay for points system. (It is a Crown golf course). Being as I would be working every other weekend, the seven day option wasn't worth the money. The five day membership meant that during the winter months I would be paying them but would not be able to play! And, their pay for points system had just gone up, so the times I would be playing would cost me more. Despite me having been a member for seven years, they didn't even try to sort something out for me. So, I didn't re-join. What I'm doing now is using the Teetimes and Teeofftimes website and finding the best deals local to me. I played Belhus Park a month or so ago for £4, yes, £4 for 18 holes on a Monday. Absolute bargain, and the course was in a great condition. So, I don't think I will join a golf club again, unless I find one that is willing to consider my circumstances when deciding my annual fees. I do miss the medals and playing for the golf club, and I'm not playing as much as I used to. But, I'm going to have to put up with it until I can find something better. Russ
  5. RussMidd

    Soft and wet - good or bad?

    I'm in Essex and as far as I know every course bar one is on clay. This means they are rock hard in the summer (unless they water them!) and boggy in the winter. Adapt your game to suit the conditions. If you use a GPS then aim for the back of the green (whereas in the summer I would aim for the front of the green). Russ
  6. RussMidd

    Cheapest round of golf

    I have just returned from a round of golf at Belhus Park Golf Club. Nikki Lewis booked it on and we paid £4.99 each, YES, £4.99 EACH!!! This was for a 10am tee time on a Monday morning. The course was in a very good condition and the sun was shining. Has anybody else had a bargain? (obviously, not including any free rounds you have had/been given) Russ
  7. RussMidd

    WHY IS IT?

    Why is it - you are always stuck behind a slow group and always have a super fast group behind you!
  8. RussMidd

    Golfshake 10th Anniversary Golf Day

    Have a great 10th anniversary event. I have my fork lift truck course that week at work so I won't be able to join you. Only been waiting six months for the course! Hopefully, the weather will be good and the course will be even better, have a great day. Russ
  9. RussMidd

    Do golf clubs really want members?

    Ricey155 - The £100 a year is to join the membership section at a local course. The organise all the competitions at the golf club. This means I can continue to play competitions, which I do enjoy. Being as it is an old council course, the yearly membership is totally separate to the membership section. At my previous golf club, I did enjoy the medals and especially playing for the golf club against other clubs. Playmoregolf are at Maylands GC, which is very near to me and not a bad golf club/course. Again, I will have to look at how many times I think I will play to see if it's worth the money. Russ
  10. RussMidd

    Do golf clubs really want members?

    There must be thousands of golfers out there who would love to join a golf club during the summer months. Golf clubs are crying out for new members, but are totally ignoring these golfers. I fully understand that the clubs need the income in order to survive, but they are missing out on income! But, they cannot expect a person who cannot, or will not play during the winter months to pay a full year's membership fee! When I was a member of a golf club I played all year round, making the seven day membership fee value for money. Now that I cannot play during the winter months due to work, the value for money membership fee has gone out of the window. I will have a look at the playmoregolf system, but it does appear to be very similar to the open play membership option at my old golf club. I will call a few more golf clubs near to me and see what their options are. Risebridge golf center have a membership fee of £100 for the year, which means I can play in competitions. The green fees will still need to be paid, but it looks like an option for me. My other option is to use the two for one green fees, and play a few more clubs around my area. At, least I can watch the Masters while having a think about things. Russ
  11. Due to being unemployed this time last year I had to let my membership lapse. Now, I'm ready to get back to playing some golf. My job means that I have to work every other weekend, and I work nights. I went to my old club to see what membership options they had. These are the three options they had for me. 1) Seven day member (£1155 per year) 2) Five day member (£836 per year) 3) Freedom play (£245 fee and the option of buying points) I tried to work out how many rounds of golf I would be able to play during the year. My best estimation was eight three rounds. So, the seven day option would be no good to me. I only have every other weekend to play and would never be able to play straight from work. The five day option is just as bad for me. I would never play for six months of the year as it would be dark when I wanted to play. This left the freedom play. Having looked at the cost of the points it wouldn't be value for money for me. And, I cannot understand what I get for the £245! Now, seeing as most golf clubs as short of members, I would have thought they would have been bending over backwards to get new members in. There must be loads of people out there who would like to join a golf clubs for the summer months, but it appears the golf clubs don't want these people. I'm now looking at what other golf clubs local to me are offering. Russ
  12. RussMidd

    How can I make trips to the range more interesting?

    You could divide the range balls up into woods, long irons, mid irons and short irons. Ten balls at a time for each section. Play your golf course in your head. Hit a draw, a fade and then a straight shot. I would agree that you should do your normal pre-shot routine for each shot you play. Forget the power tees, they are there to get you through your golf balls as quickly as possible. My problem is that I only go to the range to practice my driving. For my irons I use the practice ground at my golf club. Russ
  13. RussMidd

    Provisional Ball & Pace of Play

    I have to agree with TheLYth (Again!) Having declared your PB you keep playing this ball until the point where it has passed your original ball. You can declare your ball as lost and decide not to look for it. If someone finds your first ball then your PB is not longer in play and you must continue with your first ball. As long as your first ball is found within the five minute search time. The last thing I ever want to see is somebody coming back to the tee to play another ball. Play a Provisional ball before leaving the tee!
  14. RussMidd

    Thoughts on rule proposals

    Two things that have been completely ignored... 1) Ball laying in a divot on a fairway. Simple rule change. pick and place 2) Ball in a footprint in a bunker. Lift ball and rake bunker, replace ball I'm not that bothered about the flag being left in the hole while putting. Sometimes the flag could deflect the ball further away from the hole. Dropping the ball. I didn't see any reason to change this rule, the one exception would be dropping in a bunker. A player should not be penalised with a plugged ball in a bunker after having to take a drop! The time spent looking for a ball will only change in top class competitions, the normal club golfer will still take an absolute age searching for his golf ball.
  15. RussMidd

    Ready golf.

    Common sense must prevail here. It's no good going for the green because you are ready to play first, and the group in front our still on the green. Ready golf to me means things like.... Letting the player with the shortest drive tee off first (as long as the group in front our out of their range!) This way, the group in front should be moving further out of range as each person plays their shot. Putting out, don't mark your golf ball if it's only a foot from the hole, walk up and tap it in. It's silly little things like this that can decrease the amount of time a round of golf will take. The only problem, if the group in front are not playing ready golf!