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  2. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    No problem *makes mental note to keep an eye on Ricey, possible trouble causer*
  3. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    on the case pay just before the cut off Chris
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  5. Rob Nutt

    New to the forum and looking for players

    i play at Copsewood Grange, you are welcome to join me on Sundays, as we have a roll up at 830am most weeks
  6. Hi, Looking for some golfers to play with mostly at weekends within the coventry and surrounding area's. So if anyone fancies a game, let me know :)
  7. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Good evening everyone, hope you're all doing well Just five weeks to go until the 2019 Golfshake 36 Hole competition at Minchinhampton Golf Club. The courses are in in great condition and it looks like it will be a good day again Payment is now due for the comp and needs to paid by no later than Thursday 30 May so that I can confirm the numbers to the club and secure the appropriate number of tee times. You should have all received a PM via the Golfshake system with details of how to pay. As a reminder, price is as follows:- Bacon roll and tea/coffee on arrival, 36 Holes, lunch of sandwiches and chips, prizes = £55 Full English and tea/coffee on arrival, 36 Holes, lunch of sandwiches and chips, prizes = £58 There are a few spaces left so if you know anyone who may want to play let them know. If there are any requests (buggies, playing partners, early/late tee off etc.) please let me know and I'll do what I can to accommodate them Any questions let me know, look forward to seeing you all there
  8. John haywood

    Poor golf course

    I played hylands golf complex near Chelmsford Essex a few years ago and I think it was designed and built by a farmer.This course had hardly any grass on greens and fairways and was a total shocker.
  9. Hi am looking for golf partner in the Stoke on trent area Male or female welcome
  10. We had lots of hype from Sky when they 'won' the exclusive rights to broadcast all four days of the live action from the US Masters, EXCEPT, in another example of the Superior Beings at Augusta knowing whats best for us all, it turns out that the best part of the first two days have restricted broadcast schedules so we can't see anything that happens in real time until after 19:00 here in the UK. Supposedly this is to protect the integrity of the tournament but what about those of us who can't get to Augusta for Thursday and Friday. I like the US Masters as a tournament but it certainly not my favourite Major, largely as a result of the nonsense that surrounds everything around the presentation of the event which is so tightly controlled by Augusta. #Show_all_the_golf
  11. skycat58

    Golf Society

    I have recently retired and am looking to start playing golf again. I need to get a handicap I last played off 27. I am looking for any golf societies in and around Hamilton South Larkshire
  12. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    100% looking forward to it, however I play.
  13. Ricey155

    Worst Rule Breach You've Seen on Golf Course

    Fair play the word PROVISIONAL gave you the right to do it, not lets see how this one goes before I make a choice. the 2nd ball always flies down the middle 250 yrds away :-)
  14. Fink Ployd

    Basic hybrid questions

    Hi all. Beginner here with some very basic questions (and I can't find a forum specifically for beginners).. I tried to play golf 30-odd years ago and gave up because I missed the ball too much. Now I have access to a driving range so can hit to my heart’s content and I want to try again. Back then there were irons and woods only but now they have these things called hybrids. I’m not sure exactly what they are and how they’re used. 1) Are they direct replacements for irons? 2) Are they directly correlated number wise? So a 1 hybrid replaces the 1 iron, a 2 hybrid the 2 iron, etc.? 3) Are they hit the same as irons, on the ‘down stroke’? 4) What’s the difference in play and construction between the hybrids and the 2-5 woods? Sorry if these are stupid questions, but non-technical answers would be greatly appreciated :-)
  16. NeilMackay

    Worst Rule Breach You've Seen on Golf Course

    17th hole, i'm a stroke down and hole-wise we're all square. It's a par 4 with winter greens which I manage to drive. Guy I'm playing against hit his drive off the heel and it went 10 yards behind him into heavy rough. He plays a provisional which also ends up on the green. he doesn't even bother to look for his ball, but I do because I know it's going to take him a stroke to hack or drop out and then another 2 to the green. I find his ball which he refuses to play. I won the hole and the round, but it still left a bad taste in the mouth.
  17. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Glad to see you’re going to make it this year. Hoping it will be worth it for you
  18. Ricey155


    Gone very quiet, hope all is well with David. Facebook not updated and no follow up on the forum.
  19. Sounds like anything being sold in the world EVER, if you don't do your research your going to get ripped off whoever it is. Never used the guy so can't comment but I'd be price checking and visiting a local AG prior to buying anything online for fit and quality. and in 2019 if they don't have some sort of monitoring I'd stay clear full stop.
  20. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Written in INK in the diary for 2019 not missing it again this year after a double book in 2018.
  21. Webb Simpson after the Players. “Now you can be looking for a ball in the rough this high at a U.S. Open; if you step on it, it’s a penalty. It used not to be a penalty. So they have reversed that rule that saved the player from a mistake that anybody can make. Why would they change that rule”
  23. Hi everyone The Golfshake 36 Hole competition returns for the sixth year at Minchinhampton GC on Friday 6th June. Taking place just 2 weeks before Open Qualifying is held on the Avening course, the format is - Bacon roll and tea/coffee on arrival (upgrade to full English available) - 18 holes on Cherington Course - Lunch of sandwiches and chips (rolling basis) - 18 holes on Avening course - Prizes All of this for just £55. If you would like to play in this popular annual event then sign up via the link below
  24. This shop is a total con, he preys on the novice or uneducated golfer. He doesn’t have prices on products and then charges up to double the prices you’d pay in other more reputable golf shops. Check prices online before you buy anything from him. He his like a car salesman working in a golf shop. I wish I’d seen reviews about him before getting sucked into his charm and well versed sales technique.
  25. Plan to open Golf tour company be great if you could fill out the following questionnaire thank you;
  27. Forum Admin often should you include rounds

    We encourage you to track every round unless you are playing in some different format, don't adhere fully to the rules or playing a course set-up that differs to that on the scorecard (ie winter and shorter)
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