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  2. lucyjohn987

    Cobra ultralight trolley bag

    Yeah you can search on Goole, well I am also using this bag, and I purchased my from, along a year ago, and still, it is working well and good in condition, it is a worth buy for me, you will definitely find there according to your need.
  3. lucyjohn987

    Hi everyone i'm new to The Golf Shake Forum

    Hello Smithy, welcome here.
  4. lucyjohn987

    New Golfer

    Welcome aboard.
  5. lucyjohn987

    New to the forum and looking for players

    Still found?
  6. lucyjohn987

    Powakaddy Premium golf bag.

    Much thanks for giving us this info.
  7. lucyjohn987

    Hello to all

    Hey everyone, I am a newbie here.
  8. I’m struggling for playing partners at the minute too if anyone wants to get a regular game going? Everyones falling in love or pulling up lame. I live in south Bradford so I tend to play willow valley
  9. Hi, With my irons, seem to be making good impact, good trajectory, then the ball just stalls like its being pushed down, this happens on the course too with quality balls. I used to hit a 7 iron about 150-155. it's infected all my shots, have no idea what to hit now, they all seem to go about the same distance. What the hell? Anybody with the same issue or heard of it?
  10. Hi Jimmy, Where about in Leeds are you based and where do you usually play?
  11. Ricey155

    Dead forum

    Yup it's like drift wood, not quiet been the same since the forum header got took down from the main site.
  12. AAA

    Dead forum

    No post for three months. I'm off elsewhere.
  13. Recently received the subject bag as a gift. Problem is that the dedicated putter slot only just allows the putter head to protrude above the edge of the bag! if you have a head cover for your putter, you are almost bound to lose it In discussion with a staff member at a major golf retailer I explained the problem. He tried a standard sized putter in a Powakaddy bag and suggested that it was a design fault. He said it was nonsense that the putter was only just accessible. Powakaddy have “noted” the complaint, but because all their bags are the same, no alternative is available. if you are considering buying this bag, try your putter first, I think you will look for alternatives!!
  14. JamesAnderson

    Newbie bristol

    Hi. I'm new to golf. Useless with drivers. Just looking to find someone who has just started as well near Bristol so we could go to the range and courses together for fun and help each other out. Maybe a couple of times a month. Please let me know if there is any interest.
  15. JamesAnderson

    Partner in Swindon/surrounding areas

    Hi. I'm new as well to golf. Only had 2 lessons but looking for someone to play with twice a month or so of the same standard. In Bristol of of any help.
  16. Evening all, relatively new to the game (2months) I’ve had some lessons and I am getting progressively better however majority of my mates live in South Wales so regular games not possible. looking for a partner/partners in and around the Swindon area, I’m available most evenings and weekends
  17. Hi Chaps just getting this thread going again! I am looking to find some regular golf partners around Leeds! Anyone interested? Cheers
  18. Forum Admin

    90 % handicap event

    You would have to manually change the strokes which would then be used for the event/rounds. If you are using the event system you will see each players handicap but will have to make the Strokes adjustment yourself and apply the 90%
  19. Ernieslad

    90 % handicap event

    Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to run a 2 round event using 90% handicap on the Golfshake system without going to the bother of editing everyone's handicap.
  20. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    tumbs up for Darren as well, prizes were excellent next year I might not have a afternoon melt down or was it lack of energy after 4 holes and a #Mardy how old are you lol, onwards to the summer. golf or back didn't get nay better yesterday sadly in the little mizzle (downpours again)
  21. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Thanks Rob, glad you enjoyed it again. Hopefully see you at your place later in the year and back down for the event next year.
  22. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Thanks Russ. Glad you could make it this year and well done on picking up your nearest the pin prize
  23. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Good evening everyone Thank you to everyone who played in this year's event; I hope everyone had a good journey, got home safe and your gear is now dry! Also a big thanks to Darren and the Golfshake team for once again sponsoring and supporting us. It's fair to say that the morning round was a challenge with the remains of Storm Miguel making it a very wet experience, especially with the very heavy downpour we got about halfway around. The senior staff at the club and even the club pro were very impressed (and amazed!) we continued around and said we deserved kudos for the resilience we showed. The afternoon weather was much better with just one heavy shower in the middle and the later groups catching another right at the end. The competition this year gave us a close result with just a two point margin at the top and a three way tie for second place. Congratulations to Gary Pinkney for taking the first place with 68 pts, including a very credible 36 pts in the challenging morning conditions. Well done also to Dave Roddis, Lee Nightingale and Mark Drew for sharing second place with 66 pts. The leading score in the morning was Mark Drew with a fantastic 39 pts given the conditions (25 of them on the back nine!) and in the afternoon Dave Roddis with 38 pts. The spot prizes we're as follows: - - Nearest the pin AM, 7th hole - Russ Rice - Nearest the pin in 2 AM, 14th hole - Justin Goodby - Nearest the pin PM, 6th hole - John Flood - Longest drive PM, 16th hole - Mark Pilkington The full final standings for all those who entered are below **Position, Name, Cherington (am), Avening (pm), Total** 1 Gary Pinkney , 36, 32, 68 =2 Dave Roddis , 28, ***38***, 66 =2 Lee Nightingale , 31, 35, 66 =2 Mark Drew, ***39***, 27, 66 5 Chris Perry , 30, 35, 65 6 Russ Rice, 32, 29, 61 7 James Wilson , 30, 29, 59 =8 Ian Hodgkins , 22, 36, 58 =8 Mark Pilkington , 26, 32, 58 =8 Tim Hawkins, 29, 29, 58 11 Dave Ley, 25, 32, 57 12 Justin Goodby, 30, 26, 56 13 David Homer, 26, 27, 53 =14 Daniel Alvarez, 19, 33, 52 =14 Shaun Bethel, 29, 23, 52 =16 John Flood, 21, 30, 51 =16 Robert Nutt, 25, 26, 51 18 Peter Nash, 22, 28, 50 19 Wayne Dunn, 21, 13, 34 20 Martin Flemings, 0, 28, 28 21 Robert Walker, 0, 0, 0 I hope you all enjoyed the day despite the conditions. This was the eighth year and the first time we've had rain so we've done pretty well so far. Once again, if there's sufficient interest the event will run next year and hopefully we'll get weather like we had in 2018. Thanks to everyone for all your support in making this event a success and hopefully see you back again in 2020 Chris
  24. Ricey155

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Cheers for organising the day Chris, very much battled hardened for the rest of the season after that mornings golf. I love the views on the Avening think next time I'll take my bike down and does those locals hills :-)
  25. Rob Nutt

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    despite the weather the course held up pretty well, well done to the winners and Chris once again well managed.
  26. Chris P

    Golfshake 36 Hole Comp 2019

    Not looking hopeful at the moment :o(
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