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Which is the best practice golf balls for beginner? 

1. PrideSports Practice Ball

2. SKLZ Impact Golf Ball

3. Crown Sporting Goods Polyurethane Plastic Golf Ball

4. Callaway HX Practice Golf Ball

5. Almost Point3 Practice Golf Ball

6. The Floppy Indoor Practice Ball

7. Orlimar Golf 36 Practice Ball

8. MAXZOLA INC Luminous Night Golf Ball

9. SKLZ Mini Practice Ball Plastic

10. Intech Golf Foam Practice Ball

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Is this to play with or just practice?

If just practice, then I would say a box of cheap lake balls will do as you will not be so worried about losing them or someone else picking them up by mistake.

If to play with I think you need to try as many different balls as you can and see which you get on best with.

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