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Powakaddy Premium golf bag.

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Recently received the subject bag as a gift.

Problem is that the dedicated putter slot only just allows the putter head to protrude above the edge of the bag!

if you have a head cover for your putter, you are almost bound to lose it

In discussion with a staff member at a major golf retailer I explained the problem. He tried a standard sized putter in a Powakaddy bag and suggested that it was a design fault. He said it was nonsense that the putter was only just accessible.

Powakaddy have “noted” the complaint, but because all their bags are the same, no alternative is available.

if you are considering buying this bag, try your putter first, I think you will look for alternatives!!

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I have the Dri edition Powakaddy bag and don't have a problem with my Odyssey 2ball putter, the size of the head keeps it from falling into the putter slot.

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