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St Andrews Golfshake Society

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I have been extremely fortunate to have lived in this historic old town for the past two years, reveling in the unique atmosphere of the place, from the golfers, students, and tourists. Not to mention playing the incredible courses and sharing them with others. It's a remarkable spot. But I am keen to combine that with my role as Digital & Social Editor at Golfshake.

Launching the St. Andrews Golfshake Society! 

My hope is that this page develops into an online community for golfers who love St Andrews. You can be a resident, local club member, a regular visitor, or just someone who has an appreciation for the Home of Golf. This Golfshake Society is intended to become a hub to discuss the town and its courses, sharing thoughts and memories. We'd also be keen to encourage golfers to meet up for rounds, helping visitors to enjoy the full experience, and create a sense of togetherness between users of Golfshake within the game's most iconic destination. There is potential to develop regular games and record those on the Golfshake Score Tracker.

But I need to see if there is any interest. So, please sign up to the Forum and state if you would like to get involved with the St Andrews Golfshake Society. Should this be a success, there is scope to start a variety of these Groups across towns and regions throughout the UK & Ireland. 

Thanks and I hope to see you on the Links, 

Kieran Clark

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