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    • By Bramwell
      I have started a venture called The Golf Hub.  http://thegolfhub.net where I am collecting golf tuition and information about golf professionals that have a presence on the www.
      I hope that one day Darren will be kind enough to place a link on Golf shake to it.
      Please take a look and tell me how I should structure it.
    • By sdparkes66
      Well, I've only gone and won a Golf Holiday in Spain !!!!
      Was going to blather on about where but it's probably easier to read it yourselves...
      I entered a competition on Liam Harrisons You Tube Channel ( GolfvLogsUK ) and my name got pulled out of the hat, never played outside the county, never mind another country..
      Any advice would be appreciated, not sure on how to get my clubs out there, or how the hell do I get them on the plane, no idea what I might forget lol...
    • By Matt Holbrook
      Evening All
      I have started to dabble in some on course filming. I know there is a fair few Pro's who already do this type of thing but I get bored of watching them shoot level par everywhere they go and thought people might want to watch something they can relate too. Well here are my first 2 videos.....
      Let me know what you think and please feel free to subscribe.