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Hi. I'm another newbie here. Have been a Golfshake member for a few years. Apart from a few rounds with mates at the local municipal (more an obstacle course than a golf course) when I lived in Essex in the late seventies/eighties), I didn't play until I moved back to Yorkshire. I was invited by a guy, who was doing some renovation work on our house, to play in his annual Christmas/New Year bash. I invested in a set of cheap clubs on the internet and joined a local 9 hole club to get some practice. Met some good people and joined the society. Went to Ashbury in Devon a few times. If you haven't been, try it. Amazing set up!

I'm a true 28 hacker! Ah! that reminds me. I also played a round with my brother at his local course in Kent where he was a member. He had me get up at 4am so we could play before the pro shop opened and thus avoid the green fee. Last time I heard, he was playing off 14 and was captain of his EGGS team. Yeah! Right! I've looked everywhere but can't find his horse! Bucking Fandit!

Anyway, sorry to digress. I could do it for England!

Is there a 2018 Ryder Cup thread on here, please? I've had a look but can't find one. If not, I'd like to start one cos I have a couple of things to share.

Regards to all,



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Hi Pete, welcome to the forums !  Glad to hear you have been using Golfshake for the past few years :)

Feel free to post a Ryder Cup topic under the tour forum or where you think appropriate depending on content.


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Hi guys. Many thanks for your words of welcome. Sorry about the last part of your username, Darren, but it is similar to one that I am going to have a few words about regarding the Ryder Cup.

No, Scuba, I no longer live in Yorkshire. I met a lovely girlie online three years ago, gave up my job with NYCC and moved to be with her in Hartlepool.

Just to mention, I took over and ran the 9 hole course near Scarborough with a neighbour friend who was also a member and had recently retired. The guy who had previously run the course for 13 years, having been made redundant, became razzed off with his millionaire landlord  suddenly deciding to charge him a fortune for water which fed the irrigation system. It was supplied from a pond fed with rain provided by the "Big Guy" upstairs and therefore free, ffs!

We didn't want the course to fall into disrepair and there were a fair amount of annual , regular holiday visitors who depended on it  for their entertainment. We didn't do it for profit. In fact, we didn't make a penny. We bought every single piece of equipment on the cheap off ebay.

I was also working full time so could only spend evenings and weekends mowing fairways. Mick took care of the greens and semi-rough (when he wasn't busy getting grief from his problem son). 

In the end, it was making me ill so, sadly, we packed it in. Sorry to bang on but I am just attempting to example my interest and affection for the beautiful game.

Rant over!

Next rant about Ryder Cup!   Oh, not to mention our American spectator friends. Which I certainly will!





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