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Launching today new Callaway Rogue line up, let us know what you think of this review video which is a slight revamp of what we normally do.

Driver review -

Product line up -

Fairways -

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I've just finally upgraded my Callaway FT-Hybrid (I'm talking the 2007 or older one - its so old it's not even on golf bidder!) to the Rogue Hybrid. The past couple of years I'd tried the M1 and Titleist Hyrbids, but they just couldn't get near my old one in terms of ball flight or distance.

I've always used a 17* hybrid as in the summer I'm hitting it past most of my home club members drives anyway and it's so easy to shape. But thought with Jail Break i'd benefit from some added forgiveness and so far it's been great. First full round was at Broadstone last week and I didn't hit driver at all! We were off yellows so course not at it's longest, but then again it was wet so not run on the ball at all.

Just wish this weather would sort itself out so can get out there and play some more!

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