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Golf Society - Yorkshire

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We (Harlow Hill Golf Society) are a relatively new (2 years old) golf society, predominantly based out of North/West Yorkshire, however, we do have a couple of members based in Scotland and the Midlands. We originally set up as a group of friends, following retirement from an amateur football team, Harlow Hill FC in Harrogate. The natural order of things took place and we now try to find our successes, failures, delights and frustrations on the Golf course as opposed to the football field.

We have had 14 members in our first 2 years but are looking to build on this and are keen to recruit anyone looking to play some semi regular golf within a society outside of a club environment. We have a good range of golfers, mainly at the higher end of the scale, ranging from 16 through to 28 and a couple still learning. We try to promote fairly regular games/matches with cup competitions and aim for 2 trips a year, either domestically or abroad.

Any interest please let me know and I'd happy to share more info.


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Hi Scuba,

I'd be interested in finding out some further information on your society? Feel free to drop me a private message. Do you have a website or facebook group etc?

I only took up golf properly last year having played football for most of my years. Really enjoyed it and looking to kick on this year.



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I've seen a few posts from new or returning members recently in the welcome sections, so just refreshing/bumping this thread if anyone interested to understand more detail. We are in the process of renewing/taking on new members currently with a numbers of trips/events in planning/already organised.


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      Hi Golfers
      I run a Facebook only Golf Society called OBAHUGS which has 30+ members from Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Pontefract and more areas.  We have around 20-30 events to join every year, including local and regional rounds, weekends away, a knock out singles cup, a Ryder Cup against a southern society, an East Coast Masters, a trip to Portugal, a curry night and more.  We also have live scoring leaderboards on an App as we play so you can see who is winning or playing well (or badly).  We have a small membership fee of around £20 (determined each year at an AGM) and we also have money pots and prizes for every single round.  The only criteria is that you have to be playing to a 28 handicap or better and we play ready golf rules, the aim of the whole society is to enjoy golf with some really good people.
      If you want to join, you really need to be on Facebook ... search for OBAHUGS and request to join that will come to me and I will message you back with all the details.  We have a really good laugh as well as play amazing courses and good (and bad\) golf.  We have players from 28 (that's our minimum handicap) down to 2 handicap so a good range of players.
      Get in touch and I am sure you'll like what you see.
    • By Rich0757
      Hi All,
      I am looking for a golf society to join and ideally a playing partner around the Sheffield / South Yorkshire area? I am wanting to play more regular and get my 25 handicap down. I currently live in Sheffield so i am close to some good courses. I am also willing to travel outside the Sheffield area to play more regularly. 
    • By Chris Clarkson
      I run a society and we use a mobile application for each fourball to enter their scores, while playing, when we hold an event.
      This app shows a running leaderboard and I am able to export the scores into an excel format.
      Does anyone know if it is possible to import these in to GolfShake rather than having to enter manually each score again?
    • By Bramwell
      I have started a venture called The Golf Hub. where I am collecting golf tuition and information about golf professionals that have a presence on the www.
      I hope that one day Darren will be kind enough to place a link on Golf shake to it.
      Please take a look and tell me how I should structure it.
    • By AndyRossJohnston
      Hi All
      I thought I would give this a try I know this is last min , I am Norfolk 30 , 31 December or 01st January - looking for a game - I play off 15 - 18
      Hope to see you soon