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Rob Nutt

No more golf

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watching a quiz show earlier, and the question was....


which excuse is most widely used for men who are cheating on their partners?

the team debated the question and thought the answer was working late,

the top two actual reasons were.... going to the pub in second and playing golf which topped the list


So, I have been banned by the wife. B|

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Me too.  A friend :)

You see going to the pub usually involves coming back drunk, whereas a game of golf can take hours.  Apparently.

Reminds me of a joke about a man who was having an affair, used to spend the afternoon in bed with his mistress and then cover his golf shoes in grass.  When his wife asked what he'd be doing all day he said that he been in bed with his mistress, but she took one look at his golf shoes and said 'liar, you've been playing golf...'

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