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Stu laws


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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was a regular on GS but looking at the new format it's definitely got me back interested.

i play as often as I can which is usually once a week, twice in summer and normally at Gainsboro GC where I am a member with a handicap of 8 though hoping this will come back down in the new season. I am always open to travelling about to experience new courses and looking forward to hopefully taking part in the N v S after a couple of years absence, where I know us northern boys will hammer those shandy drinkers.


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Hi Stu, welcome to the new site!  NvS coming back big and strong this year Sept time but watch out for other events.  Any plans for new courses this year ?

Did you see you can create a signature in this new forum which allows you to show in your posts/replies ?  Similar to this >>>


Orka GS5 10* Driver, GS5 3 wood, GS5 19*,22* & 25* hybrids 5i-PW

Orka J29V 52* & 56* wedges and a Taylormade Rossa Monte Carlo putter

assisted by GOKART

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