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First away points outing 2moro RamsdalePark

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Kinda like the pmg system already, even tho it's a faff using the 20 away points. It's actually worked out well with a new destination Ramsdale park 10pts for me and my pal £20 each (based on rebuy being £4 a point) 

34 courses on offer and direct tee booking via playmoregolf website #Simples 

Just need the sun booking option 

11.04am if anyone fancies joining up - cheeky Friday away day 

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    • By Ricey155
      I've got my 21st away day comp on Sunday @ ShirleyGolfClub singles medal, but only my 4th singles medal. So 16 comps be it pairs or am/ams that needs to change in 2018. 
      My goals in 2017 are no where near complete and Time is running out :-( get to 6 win 3 more times, and shoot +2 or better on an away course medal. Big asks but having sorted my head out removed the 3 putting mindset and swapped my driver back to my 2009 model 909. I'm ready to hit it hard. 
      7.5 having gone up from 7.1 since July. 16 medals Ive shot 2 77s those being the only two times I've played under my handicap 
      Stats are great :-) and don't lie 
    • By Ricey155
      A full week off and ready for GOLF :-) 
      Where we at this week / weekend ???? 
      Got a pairs event early Satruday @ Druids Heath (Walsall) and then Sunday to Fulford Heath (Wythall, Birmingham) for a singles medal 
      Quick Practice session today @ The forest of Arden dust down the bats, goals nice to shoot in the 70s again :-) 
      Hopefully a little softer after the rain over night, no rock hard bounces :-) 
    • By Ricey155
      Little rant played over the border in mid-May and finally, the team clicked and we won by 6 shots, it's been coming and we finally got hot putters all at the same time. 
      we finished the round the I needed to get off, Steve my playing partner said I'll stay see if we might pick up GREAT. the captain then told us there's no presentation tonight guys, so off we went hoping for a prize :-) the results from previous am/am the winners had 105pts OMG so 90 points having played out of our skins and racked up -1 per hole pretty much in rain and gusty winds, I thought we had a chance. Mr Motivated Steve said we had blown it. 
      So no contact, no emails for a week and then my other playing partner was miffed so he rang them to be told yes you've won, the committee needs to sort out the prizes. 
      Initially, I thought what a great idea no waiting around or 3-4-5 hours to see if you've won, the club will sort it. a month on 5 phone calls later, we finally received the prize in the post today :-) phew panic over. What hassle in the end. 
      Didn't realise winning was so stressful best get back to hacking about like most weeks. 
      A rant shared is a rant halved, share my pain :-) 
      I hope the next am/am is successful and less stressful 
    • By Ricey155
      My nemesis has been chipping and pitching or I'd actually call it more digging. I've tried pretty much everything to make it work.
      But for some reason i folded over my ring finger and wow it pretty much gave me confidence right away  and 2 heavy sessions later i feel it's nearly there, not fixed but cured! Which for a yipper is awesome news :-) 
      Bring on Ramsdale 2moro proper test 
      First 70s of the year 2moro 
    • By Ricey155
      2017 I'm having a year out from the standard club membership and if you read the thread on PMG a few months back you will get the plan ! 
      I've got 25 events from April to October along with 10-15 events at my temp home club, can't wait to see how it goes. no more one track pony :-) 
      what's everyone else got planned anything ??