MD irons

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Superstrong hopefully?  Not tried the irons but used to use their woods and still have a couple of wedges.  Well made bits of kit, reasonably priced for the specification.   

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    • By darrenram
      In the process of compiling but round ups of the latest gear for 2018 available via the links below.  These will also get updated throughout the coming weeks with specific Golfshake reviews and videos
      Game improvement irons:
    • By Viper
      Just looking for advice about my iron grooves. Obviously I keep them clean all the time, but what about sharpening them up?
      I'm sure many have seen, as I have, that advert for the hardened steel tip groove re-grooving/restorer. Many cheaper imitations are on amazon.  However, does one really need to consider doing it after a few years, or not?  Is it Golf Legal to do so?
      If using something is a good idea, would a big screwdriver from a jeweller's screwdriver set suffice?
    • By Viper
      There has been a topic raised asking for opinions about how often others change their wedges. Having read this and the reply, that they only last 2 years, it therefore occurs to me to ask whether a normal full set of irons have a lifespan?  After all, a nine iron is not much less lofted than a pitching wedge, an 8 iron is not...... etc...
      If the learned opinion is that wedges should be changed every 2 to 3 years, does that not also apply to other irons?
      Or.... is the life of any iron not an issue at all?  Does it all depend on whether we look after our grooves?
    • By OwenDavies
      Probably the hardest iron to hit i have tested all year, but definitely the purest! 
      Check out my review of the Mizuno MP-5's