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Winter Golf

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Just wondered who packs up for winter and who carries on?

We have a great winter league at Colne Valley which is pairs over 8 different rounds - Scramble, 3 clubs, ect into a league then the top 16 team go into KO rounds.

Its really fun and mixes it up and have been getting a great turnout this year and make playing in the cold, windy and wet a bit of fun!

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Achal.Ghai    0

Yes, Exactly. Season doesn't make any differences to me actually. I am playing golf in every season. Playing golf is my passion. and I am a avid Golfer and I won over 20 tournaments including the BMW International event. I Really Like to Connected with Emirates Golf Club. I am Closely associated and Senior Manager of Emirates Golf Club. Emirates Golf Club has 18-hole and par 3 courses, it boasts a state-of-the-art golfing academy, quality restaurants within its iconic sail-shaped clubhouse and idyllic setting.

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tm67tm67    0

I LOVE playing in the winter. When I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark its great to get out into the daylight, fresh air and play golf. Happy days!

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