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Bob Smith

Which wedge to use or just one?

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I am experiencing a lot of grief with the execution of my wedge shot green approaches! I have 4 different loft clubs in my bag - 64*LW; 58*W, 52*W and a traditional PW c.46*?. When I practice using these on the local golf range, I produce acceptable results, with a difference of around 10 yards in distance for each club progressively as the loft deceases. perhaps a bit more with the PW! However, when I use them on the course, I often find that I leave them well short of the pin, despite choosing the "supposedly right" club for the required distance!

The normal shot I try to play with these clubs is a back of stance, hence steep angle of strike down on the ball, getting it up very high to flop on to the green, such that it will hopefully stop very quickly. This shot, I find to be particularly useful, when as so often happens, you have to carry over a bunker. Apart from the occasional thin strike that sends the ball sailing thru the green, predominantly I find that the ball just doesn't reach the required distance to the pin, leaving me a much longer putt than desired, or worse still in the b****y bunker!

I wonder if the problem is that the mat at the range is hard on the surface, with some bounce when depressed, whereas the ground on course is either much softer or very hard, but with absolutely no bounce. So a lot of the power stored in the club swing is being absorbed by the ground! This issue has been responsible for losing me more shots than any other aspect of my game, so any advice to help me overcome this problem would be very much appreciated! 

I am currently trying an alternative approach when no bunker is in the way, of hitting a shallow "bump and run" type shot, using my PW. However this is new to me. so needs lots of practice to become reasonably reliable, as getting the weight right for the required distance is very hard to get right! Any suggestions very welcome indeed, thanks, Bob. 

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