Groove maintenance for irons

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Just looking for advice about my iron grooves. Obviously I keep them clean all the time, but what about sharpening them up?

I'm sure many have seen, as I have, that advert for the hardened steel tip groove re-grooving/restorer. Many cheaper imitations are on amazon.  However, does one really need to consider doing it after a few years, or not?  Is it Golf Legal to do so?

If using something is a good idea, would a big screwdriver from a jeweller's screwdriver set suffice?

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From the rules ....


Rule 4-1b states that “Any part of a club that has been purposely altered is regarded as new and must, in its altered state, conform to the Rules.” Sharpening the grooves on the face of an iron club would be regarded as a modification, even if the action is merely restoring the grooves to their original state. Therefore, as such, the grooves would be required to conform to the Rules and, in the case of pre-2010 models, the grooves would be required to conform to 2010 groove specif


So if your confident that a cheap tool can achieve the hugely exacting standards and dimensions that specify the groove depth, angle, roundness of edge of the original equipment then go for it 


.... my interpretation is that it's impossible for a handheld tool to achieve such preciseness of those measurements.

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Unless you play at a level that the 'Groove/Club Spec police' may jump out from behind a bush on a golf course then it shouldn't matter.

Take a look at the bottom couple of grooves and compare them to the top couple and see the difference. If it is considerable, then get them done, if you really think it will make a great difference.

The one thing to remember with the Rules is that you must not change the 'playing characteristics' of a club during a round.

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I got myself a cheap one, still use it.  It's not really about sharpening the grooves, it's just opening the lower ones up a bit because the edges roll over.  Takes a bit of practice to use one on the later V grooves but it's not that hard to do.  Always clean the mud out first and use a little drop of oil to lubricate the sharpener.  I then use my carborundum oil stones to hone the face flat afterwards - that does sharpen the edges!  Then clean again.

Only problem I found was that it took the paint out of the bottom of the grooves. 

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