36 Stroke Handicaps

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From 1st January changes are being brought in to allow men to have handicaps up to 36.  (Women 54?)  I am not sure from what I read whether the handicaps themselves are only supposed to be effective from 1st March.

The new 28+ Handicaps will only apply within clubs, and clubs will need to decide where they apply.    For instance some of the Competitions at my Club have a maximum handicap of 18 strokes.  You can still play in them if you are playing off 24, but you only get 18.  I intend to use them wihin a society I run.

Golfshake calculations.........

When will Golfshake apply these new rules to handicaps?

I can see this could be tricky.  Some people with Golfshake accounts that are currently showing as 28 might want to understand their 28+ handicap.  Say if they are stuck on 105+.

My chief reason for asking is that I want to point a few people at the site and suggest that they come here to get a sensible handicap.  I would like to know when I should send them? 

More work for Darren......!



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We've been doing this for about 6 years :)  when creating an account there is an option for 'beginner' which allows handicaps up to 36.
  We've quite a few updates due to go live very soon so it is likely we will also remove the current 28 restriction and thus allow this to be extended up to 36.  Nothing will change for anyone already on 28 but once this is live it will just allow handicaps to go up past the 28 limit.



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