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Okay, so this ones about golf insurance.

I've been flip-flopping every year from one popular insurer to another popular insurer to keep getting "new" customer discounts.  I mainly get insurance to cover my Liability to 3rd Parties, i.e. my liability to others when  if I should ever hit anyone or anything that can sue me.......  (here comes the however....).

However, having read some old forum topics, and checked with insurers, it would appear that the popular insurers are failing to list their "Main Terms & Conditions" and "Main Exclusions" prominently on their websites and their policy documents. This is actually a big deal when you also think your equipment is covered. An example is one/two insurers who insure golf equipment in a car provided it is hidden "kept out of sight", locked, all alarms on, but this does not apply to that unattended vehicle under the same conditions outside your house between the hours of 10pm and 8am. Put another way, you can't keep your clubs in the car overnight and be insured.  Another basically states that you have to prove you ever bought them. So, in my case my lovely 6 year old Mizuno's aren't covered unless I get an "Insurance Valuation", especially if you have opted/paid for "new for old".    
These are just two examples of "Small print".  But many other exclusions are now surprizing me, so what I am asking any of you is: 

What experience of which golf insurer have you had, either positive or more importantly, negative?

I'm not looking for any comments about car insurance or house insurance. Just your experiences about Golf Insurance. Please

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