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Hello new to this. When I connect my battery to me powercaddy charger it keeps blowing  up. Bin through 2 all ready. Where do I stand getting a new charger and battery. Plz help if poss. 

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Hmmmmm  Working on the assumption that you are not connecting the charger to the battery back-to-front........

Firstly, do you own a multimetre? If yes, then check the polarity of the battery, and then check the polarity of the connector ends in use and make sure its the same, i.e. red is red is plus is live, black is black is negative.  What's the voltage?   

If all seems okay or you don't have a multimetre, take the battery to a golf battery tester, or anyone who can test it.

Given that it's the chargers that are "blowing up", the common factor is the battery....... get it checked, and as I said above, check the polarity is correct on both the battery and the connector.

Sounds to me like an internal short within the battery.

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