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Minchinhampton 36 Hole Competition - The Results

36 Hole Competition 2017  

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  1. 1. Do you want the Minchinhampton 36 Hole Competition back in 2017 and when would you want it?

    • Bring it back on the original April date (Masters weekend)
    • Bring it back in the summer again, same as this year
    • Bring it back, don't care when
    • Do what you like but I won't be coming

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Thanks to everyone who came along to Minchinhampton for the 4th year of the 36 hole competition on Friday 24 June.  This was the first time we've seen any rain (and boy did we see some in the morning!) but we also had some great sunshine in the afternoon.  There were some good scores (and some maybe not so good) but three players were significantly ahead of the others and deserved the prizes.  Congratulations to John Flood for winning by one point from Mark Drew, and to Danny Alvarez for pushing them both close.  Congratulations also to Phil Eadsforth, Danny Alvarez, Dave Homer and Darren Ramowski for picking up the spot prizes

All the results are below.  I hope everyone had a good day, enjoyed the courses and didn't lose too many balls (I've heard a few suppliers may be rubbing their hands together!).  I've set up a poll to gauge the level of interest for having a 5th year so please let me know your thoughts

Thanks to everyone for supporting, hope to see you all again soon


      Stableford Score  
    Name Avening Cherington Total Prize
1   John Flood 39 35 74 Golfbuddy WT4 GPS Watch
2   Mark Drew 35 38 73 Callaway Stand Bag
3   Daniel Alvarez 34 37 71 Callaway Stand Bag
4   Phil Eadsforth 26 34 60 Callaway Chrome Soft Balls
5   Stuart Laws 28 31 59 Callaway Chrome Soft Balls
6   Kevin Hewitt 25 33 58 Callaway Chrome Soft Balls
7   Steve Johnson 26 32 58 Callaway Chrome Soft Balls
8   Chris Perry 27 31 58  
9   Darren Ramowski 30 26 56  
10   James Minards 27 28 55  
11   Tim Hawkins 29 26 55  
12   James Wilson 25 28 53  
13   David Homer 25 25 50  
14   Peter Nash 27 22 49  
15   Dave Kitchen 28 18 46  
16   Dave Ley 24 19 43  
17   Alan Davison 14 28 42  
18   Shaun Bethell 18 21 39  
19   Stewart Robertson 18 19 37  
20   David Shingler 19 16 35  
21   Mike Prins 16 14 30  
22   Adam West No Score 27 27  
Avening Nearest the Pin (6th) Danny Alvarez Glove & Sleeve of balls
Avening Longest Drive (16th) Phil Eadsforth Glove & Towel
Cherington Nearest the Pin (7th) Dave Homer Glove & Towel
Cherington Nearest the Pin in 2 (14th) Darren Ramowski Glove & Sleeve of balls
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Congrats to all involved.Sorry I was unable to join you it sounds like a great event.

Don't forget about the event in Derbyshire on 22nd July 2016.

Its another chance for a competitive event supported by Golfshake

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congratulations to the winners, i'm sure every one involved enjoyed the two courses, unfortunately I was already booked to play in Wales over the same weekend, but I'm hoping to make next years event should the dates be free

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