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    • By Ricey155
      October see's the start of the winter series in Leicestershire and Warwickshire, Northants once a month OOM events 
      anyone playing any ?? 
      Church Brampton (Tuesdays)  and Staverton (Northants) Thursdays
      Forest of Arden - Warwickshire (Tuesdays) 
      and the Leicestershire GC (Friday's) Hinckley I think still do one not 100% as not listed yet 
      full list here, always been good fun anyone partaking ? Winter opens
    • By Ricey155
      Very short clip, I've tried to stick my ase out more (cure the early extension, pull up on strike) and working on outside to in having been a major inside #Drawer #SnapHooker
      It really feels like I'm way on the outside and feels totally weird but video shows I'm on plain , just invested in the ZEPP swing analyzer just make sure I'm doing the same routine over and over. My old videos are on if you wanna peak at the old swing 
      what you working on ?? 
      EDITED BY MOD to EMBED video