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Putting methods - need something to work ??

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I've said it a lot my golf swing and stance replicate my cricket stance and movements, hard to remove them totally after 25 years + playing and practicing.

So I've throw in a random stance and push the hands forward by the end I was rolling it nice and it felt smooth ish, then you look at the video (which doesn't lie) the toe is horridly up and with an already toe'd in putter hard to keep it on TRACK !

what tips have you found successful ? putting mirror is good but not the best.

Putting video

I'm hoping when the greens improve my putting might improve also then again I'm moving clubs April 1st so its like starting again


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putting is very individual, what works for one person doesn't always work for another. Has your putter been fitted for your stroke,  this may explain better, 

There are lots of putting tips online, using tee pegs, the mirror and even using alignment sticks, 


Good luck 


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